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The "Invisible Sport Sandal"... A radical reinvention in sandal comfort.

Imagine a sport sandal with traction to take you wherever you want, with an "invisible" feeling like no other. That’s the Veracruz.

Xero Shoes' Chief Product Officer, Dennis Driscoll, literally dreamed the Veracruz into existence - he had to wake himself up to sketch this completely unique (and, now, patented) minimalist sport sandal webbing pattern.

Why you’ll love the Veracruz

Like the Jessie, the Veracruz has a comfortable, slightly stretchy, woven toe loop. And like the Z-Trail sandal, you’ll find a 3-layer FeelLite sole with:

FeelTrue rubber inserts for grip - Including a new, more rugged tread under the ball of your foot.

TrailFoam middle layer - To "even out the bumps".

BareFoam footbed - With just enough cushion for comfort and performance.

It’s the upper webbing pattern that’s so special - the strap that starts at the outside of your foot and loops around to become the heel strap, plus the separate instep strap. Both are adjustable to get the right fit.

There’s something magical about the strapping system combined with the toe loop and the light weight that makes the Veracruz feel like there’s nothing on your foot. But the grippy outsole lets you know it’s ready for adventure.

Fit instructions

With this new webbing system, you may wonder how to get in and out of the Veracruz. Here’s your answer:

Get your Veracruz and Live Life Feet First!

To help reduce the chance of getting an incorrect size, we HIGHLY recommend you follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Measure your foot

- Place a piece of paper against a wall (if you have VERY large feet, use a piece of newspaper).
- Place your foot on the paper, with your heel against the wall.
- Make a mark on the paper at the furthest point away from the wall… this will either be just in front of your big toe or second toe.
- Take a ruler and measure from the edge of the paper to the mark you made.

Here’s a video showing the process...

Step 2 - Check your measurement against the sizing chart

- For the most reliable fit, we recommend you use the foot length sizing info in the table below.
- If you think you’re "between sizes" we recommend you go up to the larger size.
- Our sizing recommendations are based on customer feedback and we provide advice on a best efforts basis, however we cannot 100% guarantee a proper fit.

US Foot Length UK
W6 Up to 23.1cm 4
W7 Up to 24.0cm 5
W8 Up to 24.8cm 6
W9 Up to 25.6cm 7
W10 Up to 26.5cm 8
W11 Up to 27.3cm 9

Any questions?

We want to make sure you get the correct size and enjoy your Xero Shoes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Caring for Veracruz sandals

To clean your Veracruz sandals, hand wash with warm water and mild soap, and allow them to air dry.

Because of the TrailFoam in the sole, do not leave your Veracruz in a hot car or exposed to intense / direct sunlight as this could cause the TrailFoam to deform and is not covered under warranty.

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