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The ultimate trail-friendly sandal! The perfect combination of protection, comfort, light weight, natural flexibility, durability, versatility and affordability. Go everywhere, do anything…

The Ultimate Sandal 2.0

Why are some people calling the Xero Shoes Z-Trail "The Ultimate Sandal 2.0"? The Z-Trail gives you an unparalleled combination of protection, comfort, light weight, flexibility, durability, versatility and affordability.

What can you do in your Z-Trail sandals?

At then end of a day of hiking, pull off your heavy, stiff, smelly boots and slip into the freedom, comfort, and flexibility of the Z-Trail… they’re so light you’ll barely notice them on your feet (and will barely be able to tell they were in your bag!)

Pull ’em out when you need to cross a stream - they’re water resistant Okay, if you’re using them as a camp shoe, be warned: You may find that you can use them to hike INSTEAD of your boots! Talk about saving weight… send your boots home.

Enjoy a run, on trails or roads, with just the right amount of protection, and lightweight flexibility that’ll make you feel like you’re practically barefoot.

Lifting weights at Crossfit - the Zero-Drop sole is perfect for deadlifts and squats, and the light weight makes pull-ups easier, too.

Yoga class? Well, the grippy soles make the Z-Trail like having a yoga mat on your feet all the time. Do your own class anywhere you are!

Head downstream… whether your in a canoe, a kayak, a raft, or on a paddleboard, the Z-Trail hold securely and comfortably on your feet. But if you decide to slip ’em off, don’t worry, they float!

Take a walk - anywhere you like, from a mountain trail to an urban jungle. The comfort of the Z-Trail will surprise you.

#FeelRealFun - do whatever you like in your Z-Trail. They can handle it.

The 3-layer Z-Trail sole

The bottom has our FeelTrue® rubber for great grip and abrasion resistance.

The middle layer of TrailFoam™ provides an incredible amount of force absorption and protection.

Then, the top BareFoam™ layer adds a perfect amount of comfort.

And the FeelLite™ sole still maintains enough flexibility to allow for natural movement and just-right ground-feel.

What’s the difference between the Z-Trek and Z-Trail?

That’s the Z-Trek on the left, and the Z-Trail on the right. You can see that the Z-Trail is crazy flexible, but not quite as much as the Z-Trek.

We like to think that the Z-Trail is about protection and comfort first, and the Z-Trek is about connection first.

Let’s talk about weight!

The Z-Trail is about 20% lighter than the Z-Trek. But that’s nothing. Let’s compare the Z-Trail to a traditional sport sandal:

More reasons you’ll love your Z-Trail sandals

Super-comfortable tubular webbing - no hard edges.

Adjustable Z-pattern - get the right tension across your foot, over your foot, and behind your heel.

10mm (~3/8″) FeelLite™ outsole protects you from unpleasant surfaces while still providing great “ground-feel”.

Elegant contour surrounds your foot, but doesn’t add unnecessary support.

Super light weight - a Men’s size 9 sandal averages 5.4 ounces / 155 grams each.

"Zero-Drop" - your heel isn’t elevated; your feet are anatomically correct.

Rust-proof nylon hardware

100% Vegan

Ready to wear - the lacing is already done for you. Just slide in your foot and go.

Heel cup - keeps your heel in place, helps keep out debris.

Getting in and out of Z-Trail sandals

Follow these simple video instructions.

To help reduce the chance of getting an incorrect size, we HIGHLY recommend you follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Measure your foot

- Place a piece of paper against a wall (if you have VERY large feet, use a piece of newspaper).
- Place your foot on the paper, with your heel against the wall.
- Make a mark on the paper at the furthest point away from the wall… this will either be just in front of your big toe or second toe.
- Take a ruler and measure from the edge of the paper to the mark you made.

Here’s a video showing the process...

Step 2 - Check your measurement against the sizing chart

- For the most reliable fit, we recommend you use the foot length sizing info in the table below.
- Our sizing recommendations are based on customer feedback and we provide advice on a best efforts basis, however we cannot 100% guarantee a proper fit.

Men (Wider Sole, Wider Webbing)

US Foot Length UK Template
M6 Up to 24.0cm 5 Click to view
M7 Up to 24.8cm 6 Click to view
M8 Up to 25.6cm 7 Click to view
M9 Up to 26.5cm 8 Click to view
M10 Up to 27.3cm 9 Click to view
M11 Up to 28.1cm 10 Click to view
M12 Up to 29.0cm 11 Click to view
M13 Up to 30cm 12 Click to view
M14 Up to 30.9cm 13 Click to view

Women (Narrower Sole, Narrower Webbing)

US Foot Length UK Template
W6 Up to 23.1cm 4 Click to view
W7 Up to 24.0cm 5 Click to view
W8 Up to 24.8cm 6 Click to view
W9 Up to 25.6cm 7 Click to view
W10 Up to 26.5cm 8 Click to view
W11 Up to 27.4cm 9 Click to view

Step 3 - Print the template to verify the fit

You can verify you have the correct fit by printing the template and comparing it to your foot.

- Make sure you print the template at actual size (100%) and CHECK THE MARKED SCALE WITH A RULER.
- You MAY be a different size in the Z-Trail and the Z-Trek. The Z-Treks are about 4mm longer.
- For women, if your foot is longer or wider than the template, try one of the men’s sizes.

Here’s a video showing how to use the template...

Any questions?

We want to make sure you get the correct size and enjoy your Xero Shoes. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Caring for Z-Trail sandals

To clean your Z-Trail sandals, hand wash with warm water and mild soap, and allow them to air dry.

Because of the TrailFoam in the sole, do not leave your Z-Trail in a hot car or exposed to intense / direct sunlight as this could cause the TrailFoam to deform and is not covered under warranty.

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