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Here are some of the people (of all ages!) who love their Xero Shoes.


Keith Bateman

"Xero Shoes Speed Force"

This is the sort of shoe you need to run well.

See what Keith Bateman, author of Older Yet Faster, thinks of the Speed Force on YouTube


50 Campfires

"Xero Shoes Pacifica"

The Xero Shoes Pacifica are among the comfiest, coziest shoes we've ever tested.

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"Xero Shoes Prio"

If the only quality wearers need in a shoe is a spacious toe box, they will not be disappointed getting the Prio. The good news is, the running shoe offers so much more than forefoot space. Indeed, among other things, it also provides tons of comfort in its superbly lightweight confines.

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Just Up The Trail

"Review: Xero Shoes Terraflex"

First impressions were great, really comfy, good fit and looked great.

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Lite Hikers

"Xero TerraFlex hiking shoe"

Are they comfortable? In a word, yes, and straight from the box. In fact, they are very comfortable.

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"Xero DIY: barefoot sandals on a budget"

If you’re looking for minimal sandals at a minimal price, Xero DIYs are a great choice for both adults and kids.

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Trail Runner

"Trail Tested: Xero Shoes TerraFlex"

For minimalist-shoe fans, the Terraflex is a versatile all-arounder for rocky, muddy, snowy or smooth trails.

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"Xero Shoes TerraFlex in the jungles of Borneo"

TerraFlex is a true trail running and hiking shoe. It is also low key, not flashy like the Prio, but with a tougher look and feel. Excellent to pack and carry on your trips.

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"A review of the Xero Prio"

This is a great shoe for anyone who needs protection and versatility in a shoe while valuing natural running movement and using inherent foot strength to propel themselves on those long runs.

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"Xero Shoes - Umara Z-Trail"

Overall I liked them very much and they will now be my go-to shoe for rough terrain where my 6mm Xeros don’t quite cut it.

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Curious Running

"Barefoot Sandal Review: Xero Shoes Umara Z-Trail Sport Sandals"

If you’re looking for a pair of minimalist sandals that are versatile, comfortable, can be worn for a long time on varying terrain, are lighter than traditional sandals while still offering protection, and that will last a long time and never stink, you may have just found them.

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Men's Running

"Men's Running Magazine January 2016 review: Xero Amuri Cloud"

Inspired by Christopher McDougall's Born to Run, the catalyst for the barefoot running boom, Xero has created a running sandal the offers just enough protection without detracting from the barefoot feel. Straight out of the box, the Amuri Cloud feels little more than a flimsy piece of rubber, but once on it's clear that it's no gimmick. The tension-adjustment system is simple but undeniably effective, and the achilles strap keeps the foot in place. After a steady transition, this sandal might just alter your running perspective.


Garage Grown Gear

"Xero Shoes review: minimalist running sandals Amuri Z-Treks"

When I’m wearing the Z-Trek, I don’t really want to take it off. You almost forget you’re wearing shoes.

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Wear Tested

"Xero Shoes New Products - Amuri Z-Trek & Cloud/Venture"

It is a no-brainer comparing the Amuri Z-Trek to the Keen and Teva sandals... They all weigh about the same but the Amuri Z-Trek is magnitudes more flexible, has a snug and comfortable fit for both walking and running, and looks better!

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"Gear review: Xero Shoes"

My verdict: they are pretty cool. Anatomically, you feel as thought you’re running barefoot: they feel much closer to true barefoot than any other barefoot shoes I’ve tried (with the possible exception of moccasins). The main advantage is how liberating they are. You don’t have to worry about pebbles, glass, or sudden deceleration nearly as much as you do when truly barefoot. They also give better traction, and let you hug corners when you are going flat out.

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Blogging Jogging

"Xero Shoes huarache sandals"

Running in them is just as pure and unaffected as running barefooted. The sole offers protection from whatever’s underfoot but nothing more. The sheer lack of cushioning forces you to run naturally; more so than any ‘barefoot’ shoe I’ve run in.

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Regev Elya

"Xero Shoes Review: Huarache Barefoot Sandals of the Mexican Tarahumara"

If you’re looking for a pair of healthy minimalist barefoot shoes, look no further than XeroShoes. The new Sensori Venture is a huge improvement over previous models and are my chosen pair of ‘shoes’ for my travels. Send me love letters later. Those huaraches are the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear.

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Nicholas Pang review of Xero Shoes Sensori Venture

"Xero Shoes Sensori Venture Review"

Just the improvement of the heel cup, heel tube, and toe post resulted in at least a 2X improvement in comfort and ease of running in the Sensori Venture. Top that off with the adjustable tension system and I see a barefoot sandals winner - Xero Shoes did an excellent job performance- and aesthetic-wise!

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RunRelay magazine review of Xero Shoes

Whilst the heavy blanket of fallen leaves hid what was below the temptation was always to stamp into the mud – each time with a smile appearing on my face a bit like a kid splashing in a puddle.

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Cardiosaurs blog review of Xero Shoes

For someone looking to get into sandals I would say that Xero Shoes would be a great purchase! They are built really well and are very very well priced! Cold weather maybe your only issue if you are just starting out but don't let me put you off!

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Two trainee barefoot runners – Making our Xero shoes

"Two trainee barefoot runners – Making our Xero shoes"

A sunny Sunday arrived and we had a family making day. It was great to get the kids involved and you can see by the photo story that they threw themselves into it. I am so glad we did it. It has made them part of the whole barefoot thing that their dad seems to have got himself involved in.

See the full review at