Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit - Soles Only

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Enjoy the fun of being "Barefoot... PLUS!" with our Xero Shoes DIY (do-it-yourself) soles.

CLICK HERE to make sure you get the correct size.

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Xero Shoes available with 4mm Connect or 6mm Contact outsole for great "barefoot feel".

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  • Mocha Earth
  • The Dual-Chevron tread gives you traction uphill, downhill, speeding up, or slowing down.
  • You can see the extra thickness of the 6mm Contact under the 4mm Connect.
  • From small to extra-large, you can get an outsole that fits you perfectly.
  • Another look at smallest and largest.
  • The 6mm Contact is still extremely flexible.
Enjoy the fun of being "Barefoot... PLUS!" with our Xero Shoes DIY (do-it-yourself) soles. You can make your own barefoot running sandals in just minutes.

Our exclusive 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact outsoles give you the closest feeling to being barefoot, but with the protection you want. They're strong, flexible, lightweight (a men's UK size 8, EUR 42, weighs about 3.7 ounces, or 104g), and are abrasion resistant for long-lasting wear.

Click here to learn more about the FeelTrue™ outsoles and the differences between the 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact.

How to pick the correct size

Since many of us wear shoes that are the wrong size, you select your Xero Shoes kit based on the actual length of your foot.
The best way measure your foot length is this:
– Place a piece of paper (newspaper if you have big feet) against a wall.
– Stand on the paper with your heel lightly touching the wall.
– Make a mark in line with the front of your foot (your first or second toe).
– Measure the distance from the edge of the paper to that mark.
– Do not simply step on a ruler - this rarely gives an accurate measurement.

NOTE: The actual sole you'll get is 1/2" (13mm) bigger than the measurement. If you order, for example, the "Up to 10 inch", the sole you'll receive is 10.5" long. But, given that, DO NOT order a size smaller than your foot measurement! If your foot is, for example, 10 1/4" order the size for "feet up to 10 1/2 inches", otherwise you'll end up with the wrong size.

Click here to download the Xero Shoes Sizing Guide showing the actual sizes of the Xero Shoes outsoles.

How to make Xero Shoes FeelTrue™ Kits

Click here for instructions to help you make you your own huaraches from scratch using our Xero Shoes soles.

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