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Lightweight casual comfort that’s ready for your next adventure.

Get the fun and freedom of our best-selling sandals in a closed-toe style.

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Hana - Black / Rust

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For years, Xero Shoes customers have been saying "We LOVE our sandals, but what do we do when it’s cold out, or when I need something with closed-toes for work, or if I need a bit more protection?"

The Hana is the answer.

The Hana is, first and foremost, a casual shoe. But since it’s built on the high-performance FeelTrue sandal base, it’ll handle much more.

We don’t actually recommend using the Hana as a running shoe, but we know some of you will wear the Hana for more than just chillin’ at a coffee shop.

Why you’ll love the Hana

Natural FIT - A wide toe box lets your toes spread and relax. Plus the "XERO-drop" sole (non-elevated heel and low-to-the ground) allows for proper posture, balance and agility.

Natural FUNCTION - The Hana is flexible enough to let your feet bend, move, and flex the way that feet are supposed to. Plus, they’re so lightweight, you’ll barely know you have them on. A men’s US 9 shoe is only 8 ounces / 240 grams each.

Natural FEEL - The Hana uses the same 5.5mm FeelTrue rubber sole from the Z-Trek sandal, so you get great protection while still getting the ground feedback that your feet and brain like. With an optional 2mm insole, the Hana truly lets you Feel The World.

Vegan friendly materials - The Hana’s upper is canvas and the lining / external accents are microfibre. It washes easily with soap and water.

Huarache inspired design - The heel/instep strap is not only eye-catching but functional.

Flexible heel - Feel free to step on the heel and wear the Hana as a "slide".

Put it together and you get a well-crafted, elegant casual shoe that’s perfect for your next adventure.

Plus, Hana now has a new, "Rain-Friendly" upper. Note that "Rain-Friendly" isn’t the same as "waterproof" (fully waterproof shoes have a technical liner, sealed seams, and a much higher price) however by pre-treating the Hana with a water-resistant coating you get an extra layer of protection against light splashing right out of the box.

As with all treatments of this type, it will wear off over time, so we recommend re-treating as you would other water sensitive footwear regularly depending on use.

How to pick the correct size

Sizing for a shoe is different than a sandal. And you probably have shoes of different sizes that fit you correctly.

Click here for sizing instructions and to make sure you get the right Hana for you.
  1. Happy feet! Review by Jake


    I was just after some decent looking casual barefoot shoes... just can't bring myself to go out for a pint in my Five Fingers. I've never had happier feet than I have in Xero Shoes, so I came back and bought some sandals (that happened to have a manufacturing fault that was dealt with instantly and to my complete satisfaction), then upgraded to the Z-trail sandals that I wear whenever the weather permits for runs, walks, life. The Mesa Trails are next! Great brand, great ethos, the BEST customer service! (Posted on 26/08/2020)

  2. Nice style and lightweight Review by Carly


    I have just received my Xero Shoes and I love the feel of the dropped heel..I ordered the us mens 9 and I wish it was possible to have one shoe half a size bigger , due to left foot being slightly bigger which is causing joint pain. Maybe this could be an option (Posted on 25/04/2018)

  3. They handled everything... Review by Jason


    I recently bought a pair of the Ipari Hana Xero Shoes for my trip to Scotland. I decided that they would be my only pair of shoes for 2 weeks.
    And wow.

    I walked for hours on pavement, hiked in a rain storm, climbed a mountain, danced a Scottish dance and they handled everything!...I even wore them on a date :D

    They were comfortable and they still look brand new...as do my feet.

    I cannot speak highly enough of these shoes. I see no reason to wear any other pair as I can do everything in these...they are more comfortable than being barefoot.

    Thank you very much for making them.
    (Posted on 05/02/2018)

  4. Review for Hana's Review by Jill


    Hubby & I both love our Hana's and we've had them since they launched, they are so comfortable.
    Let me just say we have other 'barefoot' shoe brands but hubby has found that for some reason they began to smell bad almost immediately, so far wearing them with socks his Hana's haven't taken any kind of smell at all, so the acid test last weekend was him wearing them barefoot for a day walking in pretty hot weather & since - and STILL NO SMELL! I'm so chuffed I can't describe how happy I am.
    We'll be sticking with Xero's from now on - thank you so much.
    (Posted on 21/09/2017)

  5. Ipari Hana - Great casual shoe Review by Boydini


    I have recently purchased the Ipari Hana casual shoe in Brown. Having previously purchased the Umara Z Trail sandal which I wear as often as the English weather permits, I have to say that the Ipari shoes are a great addition to my shoe collection. The wider fit along with the adjustable lacing system is an innovative feature to a quality engineered shoe. A lot of thought has gone into these shoes which are really comfortable and have by far surpassed my expectations.

    (Posted on 25/05/2017)

  6. Great first impression after a few adjustments Review by Richard


    Mine arrived today, I have been wearing barefoot shoes for around 5 years but getting a little frustrated with quality and style changes in other brands. so I was was pleased to come across these. They look great, better than the pictures, initially they felt very tight and difficult to get on and I was worried that I had ordered the wrong size. However after loosening the laces and removing the insole they feel great and have loosened off, so I am happy with the sizing now. I think there is scope for a wider toe box, but for a shoe I am hoping that a slightly narrower fit than I am used to will be fine. I plan to use these a lot over the coming months and on the basis of this great start I have ordered a pair of the running shoes (a size larger). I have short (size 40) wide and deep feet, I run and walk a lot so I will post a further review when I have tested them further (Posted on 29/04/2017)

  7. Immediately became my favourite footwear Review by Stephen


    I am rarely moved to write a review but the Hana is such a great shoe, pretty much perfect in my view, and the best of my Xero shoes collection. It's immediately comfortable and easy to do and undo the laces or just pull the shoes on and off. The sole grips well and is a little bit thicker than some, that's just perfect too for walking around London's pavements. It's not so soft that it's mushy in the least, it just takes a little more edge off the hardness underfoot. You can take the inner sole out if you're hardcore. I've been soaked once in my Hanas, but they dried overnight. They're great without socks too. I also appreciated the service, I phoned Xero UK for advice on sizing and got spot-on guidance, and asap shipping too. (Posted on 04/04/2017)

  8. Excellent shoes and customer care Review by Ian


    I had been looking for a new barefoot shoe for work for a while, weighing it up between Merrell, Vivobarefoot or Xero. After much deliberation I opted for the new Ipari Hana from Xero, and I’m very glad I did. The Ipari Hana is the first closed shoe from Xero, adding to their very successful range of sandals that Xero are known for. They have all the features of a good barefoot shoe, which you would expect, lightweight, wide toe box (narrower at the heel), zero drop and a thin sole.
    I work in a large office/warehouse environment, with concrete floors throughout. I’m on my feet all day, walking on average 6 miles per day. I have to wear something that is extremely comfortable and as barefoot friendly as I can. Well, thankfully the Ipari Hana has not disappointed. They are a cracking pair of shoes, light, comfortable and with incredible sole which is both flexible and hard wearing. The upper is canvas and breathable, which is very important to me, as I can’t stand hot sweaty feet.
    I would dearly love to see a slip-on version, as I’m a lazy chap and find laces an unnecessary pain.
    Simon of Xero UK provides an extremely fast and efficient customer service, which really does need to be noted and praised.
    I would, with no hesitation recommend these as a good quality barefoot pair casual shoes. 10/10. Five Stars.
    Barefoot Runner
    (Posted on 17/03/2017)

  9. Unbelievably comfortable Review by Allen


    I am a 63 year old walker, not a runner, new to minamilst footwear. I can't believe how comfortable they are. I can walk farther without my legs getting tired or feet sore. (Posted on 06/01/2017)

  10. Superb Review by scoptimusprime


    Really comfy, looks great and you can even run in them :-) (Posted on 14/12/2016)

  11. Cool shoes, perfect service Review by Carola


    Several sizes ordered to try for size, handling and contact via e-mail was perfect - many thanks. I look forward to trying more models :-) (Posted on 15/11/2016)

  12. Comfortable casual barefoot shoe Review by Keith


    I have several pairs of Xero huraches, These Iparis are a very welcome addition to the range and are great for smart casual wear. They are very comfortable, and especially welcome in colder weather. Good price and excellent service from Xero Shoes UK. (Posted on 03/11/2016)

  13. Wow! The 'winter' shoe I've been waiting for Review by Lisa


    The shoes just arrived in this morning's post. They look fantastic and feel soooo comfortable. The toebox is nice and wide which is perfect for me. (I always need to buy the men's version of Xero shoes because of my wide feet.)

    I won't be doing much walking (and zero sports) in them, because I'm unfortunately only just able to hobble around on crutches, but I've been wearing Xeros for 3 years now and cannot imagine ever buying any other type of shoe.

    A huge thank you to Steve and Lena in the US for their continuing research and development. Since wearing Xeros, I no longer suffer from Morton's Neuroma, and I dream of one day being able to run in my Xeros (any or all of them) if I fully recover from an accident I had a few years ago.

    Thanks also to Simon at XeroShoesUK. You can ask him anything and he always finds the answer! (Posted on 20/10/2016)

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