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Custom-made for you... by us

Worried about making your Xero Shoes correctly?
Don't have the tools to do it on your own?
Want to save the time and hassle of a DIY project?

Then let us custom-make a pair of Xero Shoes huaraches for you.
Custom-made Xero Shoes, showing a basic slip-on/slip-off tying style.

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  • Cool laces... Black, Silver-Grey, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Maroon, Forest Green, Brown, Tan, Royal Purple, Violet, Red, Orange, Gold
  • Hot laces... Sky Blue, Hot Lime, White, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Lemon
  • Reflective laces... Reflective Black, Reflective Blue, Reflective Red
  • Here's one of our simple decorative tying styles.
  • Try an ultra-minimalist tying style if you like.
  • Here you can see the difference in thickness between the 4mm Connect sole (top) and 6mm Contact sole (bottom).
  • The Dual-Chevron tread gives you traction uphill, downhill, speeding up, or slowing down.
  • Great grip!
  • Whether you get the 4mm Connect or 6mm Contact, you'll be able to Feel The World™.
  • Mocha Earth
  • Personalize with beads and pendants.
Worried about making your Xero Shoes barefoot running sandals correctly?
Don't have the tools to do it on your own?
Want to save the time and hassle of a DIY project?

Then let us custom-make a pair of Xero Shoes huaraches for you.

Here's how to get your Custom huaraches. It's simple:
1. Place your order
2. Follow our video instructions to make a tracing of your foot (we'll send you a link to the video)
3. Send us the tracing by mail, fax, or email (we'll tell you how)
4. Get your huaraches and start running in about a week

Here's what you'll get:
– A pair of Xero Shoes Barefoot... PLUS!™ sandals, made with our 4mm Connect or 6mm Contact FeelTrue™ outsoles.
– One pair of laces, already tied in our slip-on/slip-off style. You just need to tweak the tension, or use one of our other fun huarache tying styles, it's up to you.
– A 4mm hollow punch for the lacing holes (in case you want to punch extra holes for other tying styles).

Click here to learn more about the FeelTrue™ outsoles and the differences between the 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact.
  1. My experience of custom-made and do-it-yourself Xero Shoes shoes Review by Neil


    Several decades ago while on holiday in Greece I bought a pair of the local sandals. Each sole was just two thin leather pieces stitched together. Narrow leather straps held the foot in place. These simple sandals gave my feet a feeling of freedom. They were very comfortable and surprisingly durable, and I wore them on subsequent trips to Greece and Spain.
    But they didn’t last forever, despite gluing rubber soles on to the leather. I’ve owned many sandals since, and they’ve all been comfortable. However, they were really just sports shoe soles attached to heavily padded straps; I missed my old Greek sandals. Then, by chance, I came across the Xero Shoes website. I haven’t owned my Xero Shoes for longer than a month, so it’s early days – but I feel confident in saying that they come close to the feel of my Greek sandals. They’re flexible, comfortable and versatile. I wear them for walking, so I can’t comment on their suitability for runners. I’ve found the Xero Shoes good summer footwear for urban walking and on relatively unchallenging trails; in winter, very wet weather or on rocky wild trails, I would probably wear something more substantial.
    My wife and I each bought two pairs of Xero Shoes: one kit pair, the other custom-made. I’ve found both pairs equally comfortable, and making your own footwear is fun. Still, there’s a lot to be said for the custom-made pair. They’re only a few pounds more expensive, and the soles are neatly cut, finished with chamfered edges, and exactly match the shape of your foot.
    With both pairs, I’d recommend experimenting with lace tying styles, paying particular attention to the tensioning. Some people might not like the cord between their toes; having said that, I find the toe post on flip-flops uncomfortable but haven’t experienced the same problem with the Xeros’ huarache style. Because these are essentially barefoot sandals, you’ll have to adjust your walking style a little. It’s the same as with running – try not to heel-strike, and try to take smaller steps. Try to find the textures of the ground “interesting” rather than threatening.
    Overall, I’ve found wearing Xero Shoes to be a liberating, enjoyable experience. And I don’t miss my Greek sandals so much anymore.
    (Posted on 28/08/2013)

  2. Best thing ever :) Review by Kathryn


    Love my Xeroshoes! The 4mm Connect soles are perfect if you love to be barefoot and feel the ground beneath you, but don't fancy ending up at the hospital to get glass taken out of your foot again. I got mine custom made for me because I was worried I'd make them wrong (though apparently it's super easy!) and they are just right. Thanks guys! :) (Posted on 18/06/2013)

  3. Xero Shoe Convert Review by Barefoot Tim


    I'm delighted with such an efficient and helpful service. My xero shoes arrived within a couple of days of sending off my order. I really appreciated the feedback offered on my initial rather clumsy attempts at foot-tracing, and am delighted with the look, feel and experience of running in Xero Shoes.

    Tim (Hampshire) (Posted on 03/12/2012)

  4. Awesome! Review by Morgs


    I purchased a pair of Xero Shoes a few months ago & completely love them. Perfect fit & quick delivery. I constantly receive comments from strangers intrigued by the shoes and very interested in the barefoot concepts. As a chiropractor I have a great understanding of the genius of our design. Xero shoes honour this genius and allow for the movement & feel we need to function optimally. I highly recommend these shoes. Question is: are you ready to join the barefoot revolution??
    (Posted on 02/12/2012)

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