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The freedom of natural barefoot movement, with a whisper of comfort.

Feel the Freedom. Feel the Fun. Feel the World!

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Amuri Cloud - Charcoal

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  • Amuri Cloud - Hawaiian Surf
  • Amuri Cloud - Charcoal
  • Amuri Cloud - Hawaiian Surf
  • Amuri Cloud - Charcoal
  • Amuri Cloud
  • Amuri Cloud
  • Amuri Cloud
  • Amuri Cloud

"The most comfortable, versatile barefoot sandal your feet will ever love"

We’ve taken our FeelTrue™ outsoles and added a whisper of comfort with a custom-made 3mm Barefoam™ insert in the forefoot.

This makes the Cloud even lighter and more flexible than the Genesis… A men’s size 9 is only 130 grams. The Cloud floats!

Some people think of the Cloud as their casual Xero Shoe, even though it’s sturdy enough to tackle a 100-mile trail ultramarathon.

Key features

Barefoam™ forefoot insert gives a hint of comfort, without unnecessary padding.

Flatiron pattern on the Barefoam™ gives you extra grip.

6mm FeelTrue® outsole protects you from unpleasant surfaces without sacrificing ground feel.

Elegant contour to hold your foot, but without unnecessary support.

Pre-laced - just slide in your foot and go.

Patent-pending tension adjustment system - find the perfect fit in seconds, and then you can slide your Xeros on and off in a flash.

Super soft toe post - since the huaraches-inspired lacing goes around your entire foot, you don’t feel the toe post the way you do in a flip flop or other thong sandal.

Super STRONG toe post - won’t pull through the sole like flip flops do.

Heel cup - keeps your heel in place and helps keep out debris

Nylon Achilles strap with Silicone grip - holds on securely and comfortably.

Elevated ankle holes - the lace never touches the ground, and so it won’t abrade.

For more information, see our FAQ.

How to pick the correct size

Sandals don’t fit the same way that shoes do, and the sizing isn’t quite the same.
Click here for sizing instructions and to make sure you get the right Cloud for you.

Adjusting Amuri Cloud for a perfect fit

  1. Very good multi terrain sandal Review by Rebecca


    I wore these sandals for the first time yesterday and did a 16km walk in them over the peaks to really try them out.
    They did a really good job and were very comfy, handling any terrain Inc grass, rock, sand and the lake. I got some usual sore spots, but after walking nearly 4 hours on a hot day, that's going to happen with most shoes. I could feel my feet were getting a good work out, felt more like I was barefoot than in Vibrams for instance. However it did take a while to find the right lace position as I dislike the toe cords being too tight in between my toes. I relied solely on the grey (coloured) cord to keep the sandal tight enough against my foot but it does slip down so I felt I was readjusting it a lot. It also meant that the heel strap tag was very wonky at the back. Over all I'm very happy and will continue to wear these for every day hiking/running. (Posted on 26/05/2020)

  2. Love the barefoot feeling Review by Marton


    I love the barefoot feeling without wounds because of the small stones in Morocco. Perfect for any surface. (Posted on 17/03/2020)

  3. Great sandals and unbeatable service Review by Richard


    Got my daughter and I both pairs of the Amuri Cloud and have been wearing nothing else since. I was worried about the toe strap as I don't get on well with flip flops, but these are completely different, and amazingly comfortable.
    We had a problem with one of my daughters' pair but Xero responded quickly to an email and we had a replacement within 48 hours and in time for our holiday.

    Excellent sandals and service! Highly recommended! (Posted on 24/07/2017)

  4. You nailed it! Review by Flavio


    I have used Amuri Cloud for approximately 2.000 kilometers, 1.600 of road running and 400 of light hiking and dog walking.

    I have trimmed off the heel cups since I did not find them of any use and the sandals felt immediately more light and balanced.

    Comfort and ground feel are extraordinary in my opinion and they are still the most barefoot "shoes" I own, compared to Vivobarefoot (SoA RA 2, Motus, Aqua 2 and Drake), Vibram Bikilas and Komodo Sport, Merrel Trail Glove 2, NB Minimus Zero road V1, Gladsole Streets and Inov-8 Bare-X 180.

    Running and walking are very pleasing and natural in them but still I cannot keep race pace wearing them; I will have to work more on my running form I guess, I do not blame the sandals.

    Overall a great product; I would give 5 stars but I had to reinforce the side loop with some glue after 1000 kms (still they are holding great though) and the other half star less is just a matter of personal taste. Actually, I would like to see Amuri Cloud v2 with some flat webbing for a more sporty but still casual look. This would be my all time favourite shoe! But again this is a matter of personal aesthetics.

    I am still running on them after I have dug some holes in the soles and I can't wait for the new stock to come in order to replace them.

    A big thank you to all the Xero Team!

    Best Regards from sunny Athens, Greece. (Posted on 11/07/2017)

  5. Very satisfied Review by Carola


    My son and I are thrilled, THE sandal for the summer! (Posted on 08/09/2016)

  6. Love them Review by Margaret


    Have been wearing these since beginning of April, previously had the make your own version, which I loved. These ones however are like even better, even had a stranger on a bus stop me to ask where I got them and if they did them for men. Only problem I have is sometimes the front flicks under but think mostly because I tend to drag the toe on on foot. The intense ankle pain from anterior tibialis has all but disappeared, especially after a few strengthening exercises, namely walking on tiptoe on way to work. I hate the thought that come end of Oct I will have to start wearing shoes for the winter. (Posted on 18/06/2016)

  7. I can't imagine going back to 'normal' shoes. Review by Caroline


    Wish I had discovered these years ago - a sandal that's as comfortable and secure on my foot as a trainer but that also looks good. I've had no trouble adjusting the straps. My feet feel free but protected. Thinking of ordering for the children too. (Posted on 05/07/2015)

  8. Love these shoes and amazing service! Review by Cecilie


    So I have the older version, the original Amuri Venture, which broke a few weeks ago. I wasn't quite sure of how to fix them so I wrote to Xero Shoes and I got a service beyond amazing. They actually replaced my shoes with this newer version and were very kind all along.
    And about this shoe. I love it! The shoes just get better and better! I have had them since the first model and everything I thought could be improved has been. This Amuri Cloud is very comfortable, it is softer in the sole and it "sticks" to the foot better. It is so easy to put on and off and I just feel so free wearing them. And I honestly love the design.

    I love everything about these shoes and this brand. A very bright future with such nice customer service and willingness + ability to improve the products.

    Thank you! (Posted on 23/04/2015)

  9. The perfect shoes for travel Review by Simon


    I just received my Amuri Clouds in wonderful yellow. They came the very next day, just in time for my trip to Cuba!

    I spent ages looking for this type of shoe in London, but could only find crappy flip flops or high-tech heavy sandals. These shoes are perfect for my as they are comfortable to wear, super light and will dry out quickly when I use them on the beach.

    You should sell these in larger retailers as I'm sure they would sell like hot cakes.

    Thanks again for quick delivery and great shoes. (Posted on 08/04/2015)

  10. Excellent! Review by William


    I found that the heel tube was too long in order for me to achieve the correct tension, but once these were trimmed and the cords adjusted to suit the weird shape of my feet I found these to be the most naturally fitting and feeling things I have ever had on my feet, apart from the missus. Do not know how I ever survived before . (Posted on 17/03/2015)

  11. Gloves for the feet Review by Annemarie


    I had the original xeros and loved those, however, the Amuri Cloud is so much better. I like the fact that it already comes already set up, is much softer and so comfortable. I am not good at writing reviews, but I can seriously recommend these. They are the closest thing to being barefoot. In the fair weather I am mostly a barefooter, but sometimes you need 'gloves' on your feet and these are perfect. At first they take some getting used to, and some adjusting, but then they fit fantastically. The customer service is brilliant too. I have NO complaints. Thank you very much Simon. (Posted on 09/09/2014)

  12. Extremely comfortable. Very satisfied. Perfect for warm weather walking/running. Review by Susantxu


    Extremely comfortable. Could wear them all day for walking and have run 6km successfully so far. Felt a little joint/muscle discomfort next day, but think it's just a case of doing too much too soon. (Posted on 04/07/2014)

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