Xero Shoes 360º

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The ultimate minimalist cross-training shoe.

With rope-gripping rubber inlays and a high-traction sole, the all-new 360º is a lightweight cross-training shoe designed to handle court sports, parkour, CrossFit, and just about anything else that requires quick lateral movement.

Stands up to the most demanding workouts

With its responsive, omni-directional tread, breathable mesh upper, Huarache-inspired tension straps, and zero-drop design, the 360º provides superior lightweight performance so you can tackle the most demanding cross-training circuits with confidence.

Unique rubber inlays line the toe box for added stability and control when climbing rope and scaling obstacles, and at just 260 grams each for a men’s US 9, the 360º gives you the freedom to jump, scale, squat, and lunge in total comfort.

Built for the gym. Ready for anything.

The 360º is so lightweight, cool, and comfortable, you can skip the gym bag and wear them during rest days, active recovery, and just about everywhere else you go!

Plus, the 360º is 100% vegan-friendly, so you can feel great about wearing them, too.

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