What are Xero Shoes?

The lightest, "most barefoot" shoe you can wear

Xero Shoes are a modern spin on traditional barefoot running sandals — durable, stylish and affordable — and so light and low-profile it’s like you’re not wearing anything. Yet, you get a strong layer of protection, your feet and legs work the way nature intended, your posture can naturally realign, and you awaken your senses and stimulate your brain as you Feel The World™.

Thanks to Chris McDougall’s inspiring and exciting best-selling book, Born to Run, and research from Harvard’s Daniel Lieberman, people all around the world are re-discovering the magic of barefoot running and natural movement.

Many people describe how barefoot running has improved their running, healed old injuries, strengthened their feet and legs, turned flat feet into feet with arches, and much more.

One big worry about barefoot running, not surprisingly, is all the stuff on the ground that can hurt and cut your feet, plus all the dirt you have to wash off when you’re finished running. And most stores and restaurants won’t let you in without shoes.

That’s why you’ll want a pair of Xero Shoes.

In his book, Chris McDougall describes huaraches, the running sandals of the Tarahumara Indians: a strip of rubber from an old tyre and some string or lace to hold it on.

Xero Shoes are a hi-tech update of huaraches, both in sandal form and closed-toe shoes. They’re extremely lightweight, comfortable and flexible. If you like the feeling of being barefoot, you’ll love wearing Xero Shoes.

Made for being barefoot

Xero Shoes are made with our exclusive FeelTrue™ rubber outsole, the only rubber outsole made specifically for barefoot sandals and shoes.

You can have fun with an easy DIY (do-it-yourself) huarache project by getting a Xero Shoes Kit, or we have the 100% ready-to-wear Cloud, Genesis, Z-Trek, Z-Trail, Ipari Hana, Pacifica, Ipari Lena, Ipari Prio, TerraFlex, DayLite Hiker and Coalton so you can start enjoying your Xero Shoes just moments after they arrive in your mailbox!

The Xero Shoes kit comes with complete instructions (which you’ll find here) for making your own hi-tech huaraches.

For everyone and everything

Thousands of people, ages 1-91, in 75+ countries use Xero Shoes for everything from walking, to hiking, to working out, to hitting the beach, running, and even tackling 100-mile ultramarathons. They’re perfect for tossing in your backpack for camping.

Hard wearing and long lasting

When people ask, “How long will my Xero Shoes last?” we say, “We don’t know, but it’s going to be a long time!” That's why, if you wear your Xero Shoes outsoles down to less than 1mm thick at the ball or heel of the foot (not an edge), we’ll replace them at a significant discount under the warranty program.

Compare this to regular running shoes that tell you to replace them every 300-500 miles. You could save thousands by wearing Xero Shoes. And then compare Xero Shoes to other “barefoot” shoes, where these are clearly closer to barefoot and at a fraction of the cost.

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