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Our lightest, most minimalist, closest-to-barefoot performance shoe... Ready to set new personal bests (in speed and comfort).

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Speed Force

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The comic book character The Flash gets his super speed from the Speed Force. We think this shoe will do the same for you.

While we made Speed Force to be a racing shoe, people are wearing it for MUCH more. Some take it on trails and others simply wear it all day, every day, because of the sock-like comfort.

Why you’ll love the Speed Force

Lightweight - The US M9 is only 165 grams each.

Grippy - The tread pattern in the FeelTrue rubber sole feels super sure-footed.

"Bare-ly There" - The mesh upper with its silky smooth lining gives you a real barefoot-feeling.

The other reasons you'll love the Speed Force are thanks to it Xero Shoes DNA...

Low-to-the-ground design - For balance and agility.

Non-elevated, "zero-drop" heel - Helps promotes proper posture.

Flexible sole - Lets your feet bend and move the way they’re supposed to, naturally.

Removable 2mm insole - Choose the amount of barefoot feel you want.

Vegan friendly materials - No animal products in the Speed Force.

How to pick the correct size

Sizing for a shoe is different than a sandal. And you probably have shoes of different sizes that fit you correctly.

Click here for sizing instructions and to make sure you get the right Speed Force for you.

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  1. Top Review by Luc


    I have been wearing these shoes for 10 days and can confirm that they are a top product. The fit, the ground feel, the very soft lining and the very low weight give you a real barefoot feeling. The finish is beautiful.
    I have been running in real barefoot shoes for over 5 years and these are really the best you can find.
    Thank you. (Posted on 14/12/2019)

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