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Improve the way you move!

ShoeCue is a running and athletic insole with signature textured design to improve running technique and biomechanics in order to improve speed and prevent injury.

Improve the way you move!

Every athlete wants to be their best. Research shows that in order to move efficiently and stay healthy, you must optimize your movement technique. The ShoeCue insole restores bio-feedback to your feet, leading to optimal human movement and therefore better performance.

Poor running form is inefficient and leads to injury. Characterized by an over-stride and heavy heel strike. This is caused by cushioned shoes that do not allow us to feel the ground on impact.

Proper running form is efficient and reduces stress on the body. Characterized by a soft foot strike and a shorter stride with a higher cadence. ShoeCue helps restore the body's ability to feel the ground and encourages proper running form.

How does the ShoeCue work?

Although our feet initiate and control almost every single movement we make, we ignore their importance every time we put on shoes. Our feet’s nerves require texture, vibration or shearing force to register important sensory feedback but regular insoles cut off this connection by separating our feet from the ground. We no longer feel our connection to the earth.

The ShoeCue insole uses a patent-pending, textured, and thermoplastic heel-plate that reconnects your feet to the ground. By waking up the soles of your feet and restoring their connection to your brain, you improve your understanding of how you’re connected to the world. By closing this neural loop, you gain improved self-awareness and sensory abilities, and as a result, enhanced coordination and movement.

Check the table below to find the right ShoeCues for you.

ShoeCue US UK EU
Small Men's 5 - 7.5 or Women's 6 - 9 4 - 6.5 41 - 43
Medium Men's 8 - 10.5 or Women's 9.5 - 12 7 - 9.5 44 - 48
Large Men's 11 - 14 or Women's 12+ 10 - 13 37 - 40

How to trim your ShoeCues

1. Match up your shoe's existing insoles with the ShoeCue and mark the size. Although ShoeCue has suggested trim lines, this is an important step because every shoe is sized and shaped a bit different.

2. With scissors, trim the forefoot of your ShoeCues to match the size and shape of your old insoles. Be conservative with the trimming as you can always take more off, but you can't add it back!

3. Slide your new ShoeCues into your shoes in place of your old insoles and you are ready to go!

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