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The ultimate trail-friendly sandal!

The perfect combination of protection, comfort, light weight, natural flexibility, durability, versatility and affordability.

Go everywhere, do anything…

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Umara Z-Trail - Multi-Black

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  • Umara Z-Trail
  • Umara Z-Trail
Why are some people calling the Xero Shoes Z-Trail "The Ultimate Sandal 2.0"? The Z-Trail gives you an unparalleled combination of protection, comfort, light weight, flexibility, durability, versatility and affordability.

What can you do in your Z-Trail sandals? Practically anything!

At then end of a day of hiking, pull off your heavy, stiff, smelly boots and slip into the freedom, comfort, and flexibility of the Z-Trail… they’re so light you’ll barely notice them on your feet (and will barely be able to tell they were in your bag!)

Pull ’em out when you need to cross a stream - they’re water resistant Okay, if you’re using them as a camp shoe, be warned: You may find that you can use them to hike INSTEAD of your boots! Talk about saving weight… send your boots home.

Enjoy a run, on trails or roads, with just the right amount of protection, and lightweight flexibility that’ll make you feel like you’re practically barefoot.

Lifting weights at Crossfit - the Zero-Drop sole is perfect for deadlifts and squats, and the light weight makes pull-ups easier, too.

Yoga class? Well, the grippy soles make the Z-Trail like having a yoga mat on your feet all the time. Do your own class anywhere you are!

Head downstream… whether your in a canoe, a kayak, a raft, or on a paddleboard, the Z-Trail hold securely and comfortably on your feet. But if you decide to slip ’em off, don’t worry, they float!

Take a walk - anywhere you like, from a mountain trail to an urban jungle. The comfort of the Z-Trail will surprise you.

#FeelRealFun - do whatever you like in your Z-Trail. They can handle it.

What makes the Z-Trail special is the 3-layer FeelLite™ sole.

The bottom has our FeelTrue® rubber for great grip and abrasion resistance.

The middle layer of TrailFoam™ provides an incredible amount of force absorption and protection.

Then, the top BareFoam™ layer adds a perfect amount of comfort.

And the FeelLite™ sole still maintains enough flexibility to allow for natural movement and just-right ground-feel.

What’s the difference between the Z-Trek and Z-Trail?

That’s the Z-Trek on the left, and the Z-Trail on the right. You can see that the Z-Trail is crazy flexible, but not quite as much as the Z-Trek.

We like to think that the Z-Trail is about protection and comfort first, and the Z-Trek is about connection first.

Let’s talk about weight! This is maybe the best part.

The Z-Trail is about 20% lighter than the Z-Trek. But that’s nothing. Let’s compare the Z-Trail to a traditional sport sandal:

More reasons you’ll love your Z-Trail sandals

Super-comfortable tubular webbing - no hard edges.

Adjustable Z-pattern - get the right tension across your foot, over your foot, and behind your heel.

10mm (~3/8″) FeelLite™ outsole protects you from unpleasant surfaces while still providing great “ground-feel”.

Elegant contour surrounds your foot, but doesn’t add unnecessary support.

Super light weight - a Men’s size 9 sandal averages 5.4 ounces / 155 grams each.

"Zero-Drop" - your heel isn’t elevated; your feet are anatomically correct.

Rust-proof nylon hardware

100% Vegan (like all our products)

Ready to wear - the lacing is already done for you. Just slide in your foot and go.

Heel cup - keeps your heel in place, helps keep out debris.

For more information, see our FAQ.

How to pick the correct size

Sandals don’t fit the same way as shoes, or other sandals.

Click here for sizing instructions and to make sure you get the right Z-Trail for you.

Getting in and out of Z-Trail sandals

Follow these simple video instructions.

  1. Not better than Z- Treks, just different Review by Jake


    Love these but I do get more ground feel with the Z-Treks. I take a size US M12 in Xero Shoes so chose a US M11 Xero Sandal for the perfect fit. I wear these wherever and whenever I can. They performed admirably on a three day sopping wet Dartmoor cycle and wild camp tour. I took my Ipari Hana with me but never used them. I run regularly in these sandals on and off the trail when dry. Mesa Trails are on order for wet trail days and as soon as I ruin my Five Fingers I'll be back for some road runners! Slowly moving into having only one shoe brand for all my running, cycling, hiking, adventure, work and everyday needs. I'm so impressed by Xero shoes and their unbeatable customer service. (Posted on 27/08/2020)

  2. Almost perfect ... Review by Harri


    Happy sandals! Light, flexible and foot-shaped, with plenty of scope for adjustment so you can get them to fit your unique feet. The foamy material of the soles gives both great ground feel AND a nice bit of padding/spring, so they are comfortable for standing all day. I wear them for town, trekking and work, and the sole has borne up well.

    There is a weak spot however - the thinner Y-shaped piece connecting the straps at the sides broke on my 2 previous pairs after a couple of years. Disappointing - but they're so comfy that I'm now on my 3rd pair.

    I recommend considering going down a size. I started with my usual size, but realised that you don't actually need the sole to be so long as there is no top to contain the foot. Also, I tripped over the front of the sole a few times... so I moved down a size, which is a better fit. The only problem is the velcro on the heel strap is strangely positioned so that the top part doesn't meet with the bottom part - this was remedied with needle and thread, but it is a bit of a design fault!

    (Posted on 13/08/2020)

  3. A very very confortable sandal Review by Philippe


    After running in different shoes, this is the first sandal where I feel the best sensation to walk and run. No need to wait for adaptation or discomfort from first use. I strongly recommend them both for fun or sport. They are so great that I can wear them all day, indoors and outdoors. Thank you so much !
    (Posted on 24/07/2020)

  4. Wish I'd bought these decades ago Review by Andy


    I've had these sandals for a month now and have pretty much worn them everyday, extremely comfortable, and a little bit sexy. I have even run off road - but only gently!
    Having read some other reviews about the straps and watched the video, I take care to remove and fit my sandals mindfully. I have also worn them sailing too, and swimming as it seems I like to combine both activities.
    So they are great in the summer, they give a great sense of freedom and a planted feel, and protect your feet - we'll see in the winter if I'm hardy enough.
    (Posted on 24/06/2020)

  5. Amazing Review by Kishen


    I got these based upon YouTube reviews. I had flat feet, and was sceptical of less not more support. I gave them a baptism of fire by going on a 7/8 hour walk, and they were incredibly comfortable, and I got absolutely no pain. I now have arches. Not as good as barefoot, but the next best thing that I've found (Posted on 25/11/2019)

  6. Nice but dont think the two materials in the outsole are good Review by Johan


    I really liked the feel of the sandals on my foot. However, after using them for a while the different materials in the outsole that are under the heel created a differens in height across the sole under the heel on the upper side of the sandal. This was like an edge that ran diagonal under my heel which made my foot jink with every step. So in the end I couldn'd use them more due to this.
    I am a heel striker when I walk so I guess there was to much force with every step that made the softer material on the outsole compressed. (Posted on 29/03/2019)

  7. Great warranty program Review by aenkelkind


    After running round about 530 km in my Z-Trail Sandals the sole at the middle foot came off. I've sent pictures to Xero Shoes UK, quickly got a response, sent the sandals back to the UK, got a warranty discount code, ordered my new pair. I am really happy with this very fast exchange - all in all it took just a week. Thank you very much! (Posted on 28/11/2018)

  8. Been on my feet for two weeks Review by Stephen


    I have only just taken my Z-Trails off after wearing them almost constantly since I received them, and then I took them off to wear my new Terra Flex shoes. The Z-Trails were an upgrade from having worn a pair of Z-Treks for over a year. I liked this but gave them to my African boatman after a canoe trip in Namibia. He loved them, but then he had no shoes before those. The Z-Trail is a bit newer and I found the strap system worked better than the Z-Treks, plus they float too, a useful thing for river or beach use. But the main reason I chose the Z-Trail is the thicker sole. This is the decider for me. I've loved all my zero-drop shoes but I wanted a bit more comfort, and the Z-Trail sole is perfect for me. I can walk long distances on hard surfaces, go cycling in them and wear them to the gym, where light zero-drop shoes help me do my squats, deadlifts and other exercises that force the foot to work hard to balance, and also pull-ups and handstands where the light weight helps. I've only run short distances but have no doubt these are up to the job. The sole is nice and soft yet stiff enough for cycling and running, I think, and of course very packable too. A great backup shoe on a walk or trekking holiday. Top marks. (Posted on 07/09/2018)

  9. Fantastic! Review by Jo


    I'm so impressed with my Z-Trails. I used the sizing chart and received my sandals within a few days, which fit perfectly. They are the most comfortable sandals I've ever owned. It feels like I'm walking on clouds, which is remarkable considering the thin sole. Highly recommended! (Posted on 01/09/2018)

  10. Great everyday sandals to get out and about Review by Riina


    I found the process of finding the right size with given templates straightforward and easy. One of my feet is 0,5 cm longer than the other, so I have to choose bigger size usually, but it has not given me any issues. I'm not tripping over or anything. So even if it is a little bit longer, it's not a problem.

    Ordering process was simple and quick. Just when I started to think when they would arrive, I got post notice.

    The sandals are really comfortable and easy to adjust, the Z-strap specifically. It is little bit long for my foot as it is not too high, but the leftover strap is not bothering me so far.

    I found the back strap to be very uncomfortable to use for getting the sandals on and off, but then found out (great customer service, btw) that I should actually use the Z-strap for that. Tried it out and it works great. Now I have to get the habit of using it.

    Another thing I've noticed is that whenever I wear longer pants they tend to get stuck in the velcro of the back strap and it breaks the edge of the pants. Unfortunately with weather being like it is here in Estonia, I can't choose shorts every time I wear sandals.

    All in all, great experience and I will definitely recommend these sandal to my fellow barefoot shoes enthusiasts as well. (Posted on 13/06/2018)

  11. Comfortable, good grip, minor critique: durability Review by Johan


    + light, but comfortable.
    + surprisingly good grip.

    - limited durability? After 1.5 year´s use the "extra friction" part of the sole is starting to wear out, probably due to my foot being slightly too much to the front.

    I have worn these sandals for the past 1.5 years and I love them. I use them to go to work, but also to go hiking (carrying up to 20kg) or biking (1 month in morroco). They are a perfect approach shoe for climbing, since they are so light. The grip on granite slabs is surprisingly good. You feel the trail, but the sole is thick enough to walk on rough gravel or tree roots without much discomfort.

    Sadly my heels are starting to wear through. I would love to wear these sandals for another 5 years but probably will have to get a new pair soon (which I will). Considering durability, it would be nice if there were a bit more of the hard rubber under the heel and less of the coloured softer rubber (Posted on 11/06/2018)

  12. Fabulous Review by Windy


    I just received my new sandals and the immediate impression is that these are nothing short of fabulous. Very comfy, super light and glued to my feet. The tubular stopping is very comfy and gives just enough. I'm so used to sandals slopping about as the soles are usually so stiff you can't tighten the straps enough without them hurting or restricting foot flex. I'm rarely so pleased with a product straight from the box but these are just fab. (Posted on 11/10/2017)

  13. Fab sandals, fab customer service Review by Paula


    After a winter in vivo's I put my Berkenstocks back on and realised that they were no longer something my feet felt happy in. On the advice of my running instructor I bought my first pair of Z-trails and hey presto, happy feet once more. I haven't actually been running in them, having used them for gardening, the school run and every other non running activity possible and love them. In fact I love them more than I ever loved my Berkenstocks.
    Fantastic customer service too. (Posted on 22/09/2017)

  14. I love my barefoot sandals! Review by aenkelkind


    I live in Germany and the sandals arrived a week after I've placed my order. I've been testing them since (a few weeks now) in my daily life, on a holiday, and I even ran in them (I'm right now in a transformation process of becoming a barefoot runner and I'm running for about 12 years now up to half marathon). I have to admit that people's faces are priceless, when they realise someone's running barefoot or in sandals.

    The sandals feel great, the grip is very good, I just had to slip in, adjusted the very convenient straps and they were perfect. Although I'm a female, I've chose the male width due to the templates I've tested out before ordering. I think it was the right decision.

    It feels so great, when your toes are free and that's what they are in these sandals. Also the barefoot feeling is even in these--incomparision to the other Xero Shoes--thicker soles very good.

    Nevertheless, I have to admit, that I developed a mark (not a blister) underneath my foot soles at the exact same spot during a city trip. But my wife had the same problem with her non-barefoot sandals. I've no idea, what exactly the problem was, maybe the heat, maybe that endless walking, maybe the dirt that sneaked underneath my foot sole. But since then the mark is no longer a problem.

    To put it in a nutshell, I highly recommend these sandals. (Posted on 16/08/2017)

  15. Good shoe Review by Adrià


    Good shoe (Posted on 12/06/2017)

  16. Great service! Review by Jana


    I ordered "Xero Shoes - Umara Z-Trail". My order came within 5 days to Czech Republic so I could take my new shoes for my holiday to Spain where we were hiking quite hard trails...I was worried a bit because they look so "fragile and light" but no, they are brilliant and they last everything! I was very happy to have them there! I do barefoot for quite some time and couldn't find any good summer trekking shoes...so here they are. On top of that there is a great service and communication with Simon. Thanks for everything! I really appreciate it!

    I will recommend it for everyone!

    (Posted on 25/05/2017)

  17. Recommended Review by Andre


    I have owned a pair of Z-Trails half a year now, so happy with them I ordered another pair in a different colour. A really cool item. Looks great, comfy and as far as I can say long lasting. Thank you. (Posted on 01/02/2017)

  18. Excellent Review by scoptimusprime


    The Umara Z-Trails arrived yesterday and I decided to take them out for a short test run the same day due to a cut on one of my toes from the seams in my Vibram Fivefingers. I wore the Z-trails with socks due to the cold but 10 blister-free miles later I'll be binning the Vibrams. Absolutely superb.

    One point to note is that the strap tension over the toes needs to be adjusted without your foot in the sandal since there's a lot of friction between the strap and the rubber bar on the side of the sole. If you attempt to adjust it whilst wearing it there would be a danger of breaking the rubber bar. Once adjusted the sandals don't move or slide even at quite a fast running pace.

    The Z-Trail is an incredibly effective design for such a simple product. Highly recommended! (Posted on 22/12/2016)

  19. So good Review by Jesus


    Amazing sandals, very comfortable, beautiful, definitely one of the best sandals on the market. I strong recommended to purchase this sandals. As well, I have got Amuri Venture, Luna Sandals Oso and Ipanema from Grendene but this Umara Z-trail is the best. (Posted on 27/09/2016)

  20. Amazing all-purpose running shoe Review by Edward


    Having experimented with a wide range of shoes, I can confidently confirm that the Umara Z-Trails manage to find the perfect balance between providing excellent proprioception and ample protection for your foot.

    I ran my first marathon in these shoes, just a couple of weeks after receiving them, because it was clear from the word go that they would be able to handle it. The marathon was a mix of roads, trails, and grass, and at no point was I concerned that the Z-Trails would let me down.

    It takes time to build back up the foot and lower leg strength that conventional shoes have taken away from so many of us, but it's absolutely worth it. My recovery time after my first marathon was less than a day, and I will definitely be using these shoes in a number of upcoming races, including ultramarathons. Also, they don't smell bad.
    (Posted on 19/09/2016)

  21. Love at first run... Review by Mark


    I think I've just fallen in love with running sandals after buying these Z-Trails. I've been a barefoot runner for 4 years in many different Vivo & Vibram 5F's but had only recently found out about sandals. Simon was extremely helpful and full of advice. I've run 3m and 5m in them in the last week and they're a joy to wear even over rough terrain which my trails Vibram 5F's struggle with. I'm definitely a convert to the product and will probably go for some thinner Trek's next. So far only a slight hot-spot from a strap but there's always zinc tape and I'm thinking of running the Purbeck marathon in them. Top product!!! (Posted on 06/09/2016)

  22. Looking for superlight and airy trail shoe? Get sandals! Review by Gonk


    I'm a casual slogger, around 60 miles a month and solely trail/offroad.

    The Z-Trails are highly capable, ultra light trailies especially for running in hot weather or in the wet. Easy to keep dry and clean. Small amounts of ground debris can get in (although no more than happens to me with regular shoes) but unlike shoes fall back out just as fast. I ordered the 'mocha' brown version which looks just a little better for casual wear than the usual techy black. They won't win many style prizes as regular sandals IMHO, but as running footwear these make life a lot easier. Bombproof construction too.

    Generous sizing, no need to size up. I'm a UK 8.5 and ordered US 9. (Posted on 10/08/2016)

  23. Great service, great shoes Review by Deirdre


    Mostly I like to go barefoot but often it is too dirty or unsafe. I found Xero Shoes while searching on Google - my partner and I ordered the Amuri Cloud flip flop type sandal which we both have really loved. It took a while to adjust them to feel comfortable and fit just right but now we walk our dog with happy feet - they are as light as a feather and I never have sore feet.

    Well I thought that was that......... but now going on holiday to La Digue - an island with no motorised vehicles - we will be riding bicycles and walking on rough terrain and on beaches full of coral - we wanted something sturdier and something that would stay on even in the water.............. so I just ordered the Umara Z-Trail. I was concerned they would not arrive in time as time was of the essence. Incredible service, emails to say when the sandals were in stock and the next day delivery.

    I cannot speak highly enough of the shoes and the service........... thank you Simon and team. (Posted on 16/06/2016)

  24. There is nothing on my feet! Review by Rob


    I have just received my Z Trail Shoes. One word, excellent and another, quality.

    Can't believe how comfortable they are, I am really glad I bought them. My partner tried them on and obviously they are too big for her, even so, she now wants a pair. Well done Xero. (Posted on 02/06/2016)

  25. Very Comfortable Review by David


    I have been using a pair of z-treks for several months now and love them for walking. I am not and have no intention at the moment to go bare foot running, I got into xero sandals just because I was looking for a pair of well made comfortable sandals.

    I ride various bikes mostly with normal cleated cycle shoes but when I ride my Brompton folder I like to wear my sandals. Unfortunately the grips on the Brompton pedals are very rough and with the z-treks being quite thin the experience is not comfortable.

    These z-trails have a thicker sole and have cured that issue, I can now ride my Brompton quite comfortably with the z-trails.

    This extra thickness also makes walking on rough terrain much easier and I look forward to testing them out further on a future trip to the North York Moors.

    A word on the Xero UK guys, they are both helpful and efficient in their operation and would wholeheartedly recommend them. (Posted on 08/05/2016)

  26. The Only Shoes I Wear Review by Samantha


    I am just a normal stay at home mother who has an interest in barefoot walking. Every since I can remember me and shoes have not got on. Normal shoes have caused me nothing but problems.
    I first came across Xero Shoes a few years back and bought a pair from the USA. I loved them but had problems with tying them so didn't wear them as much as I would like. Then I saw these shoes. They seemed the answer to my prayers. I bought a pair and have not worn any other shoes since. Its either these or barefoot for me.
    At the time I bought these I started a 10,000 steps a day challenge, and as such have walked miles in these shoes - down roads, through woods and over fields. They are just perfect - they do not rub, or cause any problems as all. They are amazingly comfy.
    I cannot imagine going back to normal shoes. I love these so much. I hope one day if I marry that they do a pair to match the colour of my wedding dress. These are the best shoes ever. (Posted on 04/04/2016)

  27. Excellent fit and form Review by Simon


    I ordered my z-trails on Sunday and they arrived Tuesday morning.
    I am delighted - the materials and construction are first class.
    I used the print out size calculator and they fit exactly as expected.
    I wear a 46 vivobarefoot and ordered the 45/46 and it is spot on.
    Having given up on lugging around the bricks from Chaco and then searched for 3 years for a similar z-strap zero drop sandal I was very happy to find xeroshoes.
    The sole is happily a little more stiff and substantial than vivo's, and the straps are lighter and more comfortable than chacos. They adjust perfectly and hold my feet securely.
    I wholeheartedly recommend them and look forward to years of happy wear! I will check in again with an update.
    Many thanks xeroshoes! (Posted on 22/03/2016)

  28. Great Review by Gareth


    Just taken delivery of mine (in the UK) and they are great. I am an (occasional) ultrarunner, barefoot runner etc. I have just retired a pair of another brand minimal sandals and whilst they were comfortable the vv thin plastic sole just wasn't any good for spending all day in or walking any distance. The tiny bit of firm rubber feels just right. I have done a few walks in yours and looking forward to giving them a run out too. I have had a lot of the usual sport sandals and always found there is just too much of them, they rub and stay wet too long. Only minor criticism is the toe area could be wider to allow better toe splay whilst running. Great work producing a sandal that is minimal, looks great and is comfy. (Posted on 18/03/2016)

  29. Much comfort Review by Luc


    I use daily the Z-treks, now I also have the Z-trails, the comfort is much better, the only question is: do I get now back lazy feet caused by the reduced sole incentives? (Posted on 18/03/2016)

  30. Great Rough Ground Sandal Review by Ady


    This just gets better and better with the more aggressive off road I try it on. We are now 130 miles in on these sandals and ready for the 55 mile ultra on Saturday across the Cleveland way in England. I am now confident enough in the build quality, sizing and grip on these vastly improved dogs to go for it instead of some of my more tested brands. I'll update how I get on in the next week. See video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/49d0hoMcZxU (you'll have to copy into a browser). (Posted on 17/03/2016)

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