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Enjoy the fun of being "Barefoot... PLUS!" with our Xero Shoes DIY (do-it-yourself) kit. You can make your own barefoot running sandals in just minutes.

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Xero Shoes available with 4mm Connect or 6mm Contact outsole for great "barefoot feel".

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  • Mocha Earth
  • Cool laces... Black, Silver-Grey, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Maroon, Forest Green, Brown, Tan, Royal Purple, Violet, Red,  Orange, Yellow
  • Hot laces... Sky Blue, Hot Lime, Hot Lemon, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, White
  • The Dual-Chevron tread gives you traction uphill, downhill, speeding up, or slowing down.
  • You can see the extra thickness of the 6mm Contact under the 4mm Connect.
  • From small to extra-large, you can get an outsole that fits you perfectly.
  • Another look at smallest and largest.
  • The 6mm Contact is still extremely flexible.
  • There are lots of ways to tie Xero Shoes. Your imagination is the only limit.
  • Personalize with beads and pendants.
  • Mocha Earth with brass beads.
Enjoy the fun of being "Barefoot... PLUS!" with our Xero Shoes DIY (do-it-yourself) kit. You can make your own barefoot running sandals in just minutes.

Our exclusive 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact outsoles give you the closest feeling to being barefoot, but with the protection you want. They're strong, flexible, lightweight (a men's UK size 8, EUR 42, weighs about 3.7 ounces, or 104g), and are abrasion resistant for long-lasting wear.

Click here to learn more about the FeelTrue™ outsoles and the differences between the 4mm Connect and 6mm Contact.

Our kits include:
– A pair of 4mm Connect or 6mm Contact FeelTrue™ rubber outsoles in your size.
– Two 1.8m laces in your choice of colour (strong, soft, flexible, waterproof, don't stretch, don't bleed colour).
– A 4mm hollow punch for the lacing holes.
– Instructions for making your Xero Shoes (including links to online video tutorials).

How to pick the correct size

Since many of us wear shoes that are the wrong size, you select your Xero Shoes kit based on the actual length of your foot.
The best way measure your foot length is this:
– Place a piece of paper (newspaper if you have big feet) against a wall.
– Stand on the paper with your heel lightly touching the wall.
– Make a mark in line with the front of your foot (your first or second toe).
– Measure the distance from the edge of the paper to that mark.
– Do not simply step on a ruler - this rarely gives an accurate measurement.

NOTE: The actual sole you'll get is 1/2" (13mm) bigger than the measurement. If you order, for example, the "Up to 10 inch", the sole you'll receive is 10.5" long. But, given that, DO NOT order a size smaller than your foot measurement! If your foot is, for example, 10 1/4" order the size for "feet up to 10 1/2 inches", otherwise you'll end up with the wrong size.

Click here to download the Xero Shoes Sizing Guide showing the actual sizes of the Xero Shoes outsoles.

How to make Xero Shoes FeelTrue™ Kits

Click here for instructions to help you make you your own huaraches from scratch using our Xero Shoes Kits.

  1. Comfortable wear on all terrain Review by Anita


    This is my 2nd summer in my pair, so I thought it's time to review.
    I was a bit sceptic (meaning I was afraid I'll ruin it), but after watching the video tutorials I made perfect pair for me, even added beads to it. I do love how easy to wear, and how nicely stays it on. I never felt that I have to 'grab it' (you know the usual holding motions in flip flops or loose sandals what makes your leg cramping after a while). It is my everyday summer wear since I have it. I am a mom of two, so I used them on all sorts of urban terrains from searing hot asphalt, to grass and pebbles at the seaside and in the sea, pushed a buggy, pedalled a bike and walked in them all days sometimes. It still looks like new, I love them and I am planning to make a new pair a bit more girly (don't tell my husband). It is awesome, I do recommend it. (Posted on 02/06/2019)

  2. Soles fantastic, laces useless Review by Hannah


    I do a ~20km trail run once a week in my 4mm Xero DIYs and usually wear them for a hike of similar length at the weekend. I'm barefoot for six road runs a week and for general life in the city.

    The soles are fantastic - just enough protection. After logging 500km of running and probably slightly more hiking my 4mm are wearing very thin under the ball of the foot, so I recently ordered some 6mm, which will hopefully offer more comfort when running long distances on gravel.

    I would strongly advise replacing the laces that come with the kit with ordinary shoelaces from any supermarket or shoe store. They're softer (less chafing) and the aglets (plastic bits on the ends) will mean that lacing up your sandals is much easier than battling with a hairpin to get the Xero laces through the soles. If you need to relace your sandals while you're out, with the Xero laces you're out of luck unless you remembered to bring a hairpin and some pliers. With store-bought shoelaces you can change the lacing in a minute or two.

    I assumed that the original laces would be more durable, but after a year of use my replacement laces are showing less wear around the heel holes than the originals were after two weeks of wear. The knot under the toe does need retying quite frequently, but using an Amuri toe post could remove this need.

    If I could find an affordable supplier of 4mm and 6mm rubber I wouldn't buy these kits, but so far this is still the cheapest source of soling material I've found in the UK. (Posted on 20/05/2019)

  3. New to barefoot running....... Review by Ian


    Having suffered many injuries down the years, mainly football, I decided the time was right to rethink my entire approach to running and sport.

    I have had weak ankles my entire adult life and have always used 'supportive' shoes. After weeks of research and a few years of thinking about it, I decided barefoot running was worth a try.

    I'm not made of money and unfortunately I live in a new estate/building site full of gravel. I could not bring myself to spend almost £100 on some FiveFingers and had read about people just running their streets barefoot or in sandals which eventually led me here.

    Thank **** I did. First of all very easy to cut and size to your foot shape. Secondly, thanks to Xero's YouTube videos lacing is made much simpler. There were the first couple of days where you have to work out the best lace tension for you (don't cut too much off the end before you know it) after which you feel like you're not wearing anything on your feet at all. I went for the 6mm, but I would say unless your area is rocky or proper rough countryside then go for the 4mm.

    Wearing something this minimal has allowed me to really work on my technique as you will quickly feel pain if you're running badly. I've been using them for no more than 15-20 minutes running until last night when I let the shackles off a bit.

    I can't recommend these highly enough. Start very minimal, take your time, work on your technique and you won't be disappointed. Only shame will be when winter arrives and I have to get some toe socks, or buy some shoes from here.

    Great customer service, quick to email back after any enquiries, speedy delivery. Will be shopping here again. (Posted on 20/07/2018)

  4. Spot on bit of kit Review by Colin


    Got interested in barefoot walking a few years ago and read a few books on the subject before I dived in and found theirs a transitional period for your feet and joints to get used to barefoot and the way you walk changes from walking heel to toe in footwear to walking toe to heel being barefoot so I decided on starting out with 6mm DIY Xero sandal with an Amuri toe hoop. I've been wearing Xero sandals and going barefoot now for past year they are extremely comfortable and hard-wearing and in that time they helped me transition from wearing shoes all the time to wearing shoes occasionally and going barefoot and wearing Xero sandals the rest of the time. (Posted on 19/11/2017)

  5. Comfortable and amazing Review by Kris


    Received my sandals super quick, used the brilliantly thorough and understandable how to guide to make my sandals . Within an hour of unpacking, they were on my feet and covering a tester 2km run. I'm new to barefoot running, but know I'm going to enjoy it in these brilliant sandals. Thanks. (Posted on 11/05/2017)

  6. Great bit of kit Review by Helix


    I am either barefoot or wear minimalist shoes all the time. I run fell races, ultras and do orienteering. I wanted something packable that would let the air at my feet and let my feet relax pre-race and recover post-race. I bought the 4mm DIY sandal kit. I love them. They do exactly what I want and let my feet spread out after a battering in races with rough terrain.

    My intended use for them was to wear mainly on the walk to and from work the day after a tough race as my Inov8 Evo-Skins had worn through and I could not replace them as they were no longer made. Any aches from running over rocks used to be alleviated by this routine. The Xero sandals were much better being more secure around my foot, less sweaty and my feet felt more protected. This evolved into wearing them before and after a race to let my feet do what they wanted.

    Now we have good weather I have been wearing them as my go to shoe. I find them brilliant for camping, light weight, packable, doesn't matter if they get wet and tough. I recently walked miles in them in North Wales on rough tracks and was perfectly happy. I even broke out into the odd uphill sprint and I was genuinely shocked about how good they felt. I didn't buy them to run in and I am not going to start running properly in them but if that is your desire then they seem up to the task - especially for the ardent barefoot runner.

    The only draw backs I have found that it did take me a good 4 weeks of wearing them for 2-3 hours a week before they were comfortable but I haven't worn the likes of flip-flops for years so it was none too surprising. It took me a few attempts to get the tension right; I kept getting flapping or the thong between the toes was unbearable but I persevered and got it sorted after a few retying attempts. I like making things so watching the HowTo videos and reading the guides was half the fun to me but I could see that if someone just rushed into making them it would be very easy to make mistakes.

    All in all a cracking piece of kit. (Posted on 26/07/2016)

  7. Excellent for me and my 3 1/2 year old daughter Review by Maria


    I bought the 4mm for both of us (me and my 3 1/2 year old daughter), and it was the perfect choice.
    She has flat feet like her dad and now is the time to make those little feet work well. After 2 weeks of wearing I can already see her arch forming. seriously... (!)
    I myself have been wearing barefoot shoes almost for 10 years now. My first pair was puma h-street, got 3 pairs of them. I actually used them to run the pose tech method of running, this is the way i learnt barefoot behaviour of the body.
    (I had back ache issues from ever since I was a child). I managed to run 5km and be painless!
    Then I found the New Balance Minimus Trail, also 2 pairs, then the new New Balance Minimus (much thinner lighter version), also 2 pairs of VivoBarefoot, a winter shoe and a leather shoe for more formal occasions and work.

    Now, the summer is here and I can't imagine how i had been living without Xero Shoes all the past summers!

    In Greece you have definitely 2-3 months where you wear open sandals because of the heat, so.... I feel saved!
    I wear them all day and am happy that I bought 2 pairs straight away (one brown and one black).

    The sole is really very good I must say. Non slippery, the outside as well as the upper side. Very resistant. And, do the bead when tying the sandals! Much better than a knot!

    Barefoot walking is the best feeling ever, you dont need to be an athlete to use them. And after 10 years in barefoot closed shoes, wearing barefoot sandals for the first time, is an absolute pleasure for the feet.
    Have tied them in a way that they look like very chic sandals and I get super comments on that and on my daughters sandals. The greatest thing is I can drop her of at school and go straight to my walking treadmill desk, without changing shoes. Juuuuuust like that! SUPER Xero Shoes! Keep going!!! (Posted on 09/06/2016)

  8. Loving the Xero Review by Ciaran


    I have been the proud owner of a pair of 4mm xero shoes for about 6 months. I've been wearing them for walking and general wear, and running in NB minimus. Finally took your shoes out for a run yesterday. I loved it. I felt so free and relaxed (after the first few awkward minutes!) Thanks for making such a great product. Where less is more, xero is best! (Posted on 15/08/2014)

  9. I LOVE XeroShoes Review by Rokea


    I chose the 4mm thickness as i walk totally barefoot during the summer months in varied terrain woods where I walk my dog for three hours a day and so was looking for something as authentic and close to nature as possible for those 'other' times.

    As someone who simply loves to run with a smile on one's face and has always found it the most natural, fun and liberating thing in the world and for someone who has been a competitive runner in road races, I eventually suffered a 'banana-shaped' left foot through running in shoes over big miles. I have size 8 feet (ladies) that are very slender and could always feel them slopping around my shoes no matter how close i tied the laces and how many pairs of socks I had to wear - not good! So, I had nerve, ligament and muscle atrophy and it has been an emotional and physical frustrating journey up until the point that I decided to go barefoot - something I have always admired and believed in, but did not put into practice until I had to!

    Through pure barefooting and XeroShoes I now have a very apparent arch in the making and the spring is returning once again and I can feel the refinement of movement in both feet and my toes are so much stronger and happy to be a part of the whole movement thing once again!

    I had spent hundreds of pounds on minimalist footwear (not to mention physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment), but apart from the zero heel-toe elevation the tops of my feet still suffered and I still had the same problem of a shifting foot and my feet still couldn't express themselves fully.

    XeroShoes are the closest barefoot experience that one can have. From personal experience, I rate them way above FiveFingers - I feel that brain-foot connection and expansion of my Awareness, hence Xero shoes are great for the sole as well as the soul :o).

    They are the only 'shoes' that I don't want to rip of my feet in order to go purely barefoot!! (Posted on 27/10/2013)

  10. These xero shoes are AWESOME!!! Review by Josh


    These xero shoes are just awesome, to actually feel the ground under your feet instead of a tonne of cushion is a relief as well as looking great and interesting. If your looking at buying a pair then you must click checkout as you cannot go wrong for the quality and experience of owning a pair. My fiancee at first thought I was mad however now she is wanting a pair and trying to get mine! These are a must buy for any running enthusiast want to improve their running. (Posted on 08/08/2013)

  11. Very happy Review by Lee


    Ordered a pair of 4mm soles about 3 weeks ago. Already finished a half marathon in them and looking to go even further. I was a bit pessimistic to begin with but about 5 minutes into my first run I knew I was going to get along with them! I am now a barefoot convert and going back to my clumpy trainers is going to be impossible!
    My first thoughts were 'I am going to stub my toes' - this hasn't happened and I have run on all sorts of terrain. I also thought the lace that runs between your toe will rub - it hasn't after about 40 miles in them.
    I was so happy that I have bought a pair of 6mm soles as well plus a few other extras!
    If anybody was not going to get on with these it would be me but I am very surprised how well I have taken to them.
    I use them along side my Sockwa G3 when I am running on overgrown trails with stingers etc and what's best is that I wear my Xero Shoes to the trails then whip them off and stick them in my pack as their is nothing to them. I also wear them out and about so they are extremely versatile too.
    Also for the price you cannot grumble, I am going to try to put the 5000 mile warranty to the test :-)
    (Posted on 03/08/2013)

  12. Wife thought I was mad... Little did she know! Review by Wilco


    Received my Xeroshoes today and couldn't wait to put them together. I marked them out whilst my wife looked on me as if I was mad. Next I rigged the laces up and voila, I was ready to go. It is amazing how a 4mm bit of rubber  and some string can make such comfortable footwear! I absolutely love them, even though I've only worn them for 1/2 hr. My wife now loves them as well and wants a pair of her own. And no doubt when my kids wake up in the morning they'll want a pair as well! Thanks for such a wonderful revelation! (Posted on 03/07/2013)

  13. Excellent Product and Service Review by JohnD


    Hi, got my 'shoes' over a week ago, have them tied up using a method based on Sonja's as I like more points of contact and so there is no flip flopping about. Just getting used to them really and trying to walk quietly/softly now without banging my heels in. Taking some getting used to, I have even started walking differently in my 'normal' shoes! The service and quality of the shoes was really great, I would wholeheartedly recommend them and your company to anyone interested.

    John (Posted on 24/05/2013)

  14. Nearly a year later... Review by Orbitfish


    Although these are not the only shoes I own, they are practically the only shoes I wear now. I've been living in my Contacts since last June, I wear Vivo Breatho Trails for mountain running; Vivo Breezy Lites when it gets really wet on the roads and Vivo Ra's for management meetings in the city; for everything else I'm in my Xeros. As you can tell I'm a fan of Vivo shoes and I find my Xeros to be as good as the Vivos with their 3mm sole but with an added sense of freedom somewhat akin to streaking through the park :) My longest run in Xeros has been about 10 miles so far but I'm working on building that up; I just don't like road running as much as mountain running. Careful though, if you get a pair of these you may give up all other shoes completely! (Posted on 12/05/2013)

  15. Great feel, great protection, great footwear! Review by Brian


    Got a pair of 4mm Connects at the start of January. (I live in Dublin, Ireland.)

    Can't say I recall my feet ever being cold, and I do most of my runs early in the morning before work. It's been a cold winter and I've done lots of running in sub-zero temperatures with zero issues in these Xero shoes.

    Have been running on concrete, tarmac, sand, and a little bit of grass since getting them. You feel every contour and pebble underfoot, but are completely protected against glass and other crud that's out there. They really are the closest thing to barefoot without being barefoot. You come in from some runs and your feet are just tingling with sensation, your soles feel so alive. It's weird, but fantastic at the same time.

    Took my time to build up the miles on the concrete and tarmac, but am happily doing 10-16km across a variety of surfaces on my longer runs and about +40km per week in total. 6-10km on tarmac and concrete are my bog-standard runs at this stage. All going well, I plan to continue to build to marathon distances, and after 3-plus months using them so far, can't see any reason why that shouldn't happen.

    Admittedly I was doing 35-40 kms barefoot on my local beach before buying these, but I used to have to drive there and back. Now with the Xero's I just head out the door and can choose between a run on concrete (which is usually more sheltered that running on the beach), or run to the beach and slip them into a pocket if I feel like going barefoot.

    I can't imagine running in anything else from now on. Plus they double up as a nifty set of sandals/slippers. I wear them round the house all the time.

    We bought the thicker 6 mm Contacts for the kids and they had a blast tracing out their feet, punching holes, and making their own invisible shoes. It really was very simple to do and once this never ending winter ends and Spring arrives, they can't wait to get them on their feet outdoors.

    If you're thinking of moving to barefoot style running, Xero shoes are the way to go.

    In my opinion, two things in particular have helped me since I got the Xero shoes. Firstly, I tried to hit a cadence of at least 170 steps per minute, and preferably closer to 180. And secondly, I started to train according to Phil Maffatone's 180 heart rate formula. The combination of the right cadence when I was running, and having to spend a lot of time walking / running to stay under my target heart rate was a big help in making an injury free adjustment from running on the beach to running on tarmac and concrete. If you're an endurance runner, and thinking of making the switch then I'd really recommend Maffatone's method during your transition phase. If you're going to take the time to transition properly, you might as well take the opportunity to build your aerobic engine properly at the same time. It might not be for everyone, but it has worked a treat for me.

    And to cap it all, 10% of the cost gets donated to the Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund. If Carlsberg did minimalist shoes... (Posted on 12/04/2013)

  16. As someone who's started running barefoot about two months ago, I have to say these sandals are brilliant. Review by Peter


    I live in a big city (Paris, France), and so running barefoot in the city is not a very appealing option to me. For real barefoot running, my only option is the track. For anywhere else, it's Xero Shoes. They do indeed allow you to run as if you were barefoot, not in the least altering your natural biomechanics, also because they are so light you hardly feel them. And because the skin on your feet is not in contact with the ground, the ride feels very smooth. I also run in zero drop minimalist shoes and more cushioned low drop shoes, but my xeroshoes feel better and lighter. Because of the way they force you to run, running in them actually feels softer than with minimalist shoes. I hope to be able to build up my mileage more and more.
    The only tricky thing about them is getting the lacing right. After experimenting with a few styles, I've come up with a small variation of my own. I've posted a link on youtube; might be of use to other people (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBM9fOtbkbY)
    (Posted on 03/12/2012)

  17. Minimalist shoes - 'Maximalist' sensation Review by Martijn


    I have been adapting to my Xero Shoes (6mm) for a couple of weeks and can now run for about 4 km in them without negative side effects the next day (= crippling muscle pain in the calves and big bloody blisters on the bottom of your soles and toes). Patience has never been my strongest characteristic, but believe me, take it easy on your huaraches (5 km on a first run is TOO MUCH!) Being a long distance runner (marathon +) I can hardly wait to increase my distances in these minimalist shoes (and run a full training on them). I have been playing with the tightness of the cord over the past weeks and found that I need to have them as tight as possible to prevent flopping of the soles, I might have punched the hole between my toes a little bit farther to the edges than I did). Other than that, it is great fun to run in them and feel the world. I'm still a little bit anxious to step into puddles or walk through high grass but I guess that's all part of a learning process. So far, I really enjoy them and have absolutely no regrets 'stepping' into this adventure!
    The Xero Shoes UK site is very user friendly, you can easily find all information you need and they answer their emails at lightning speed to help you out with tips and tricks.
    It took a little under a week to have my Xero DIY Shoes arrive in the Netherlands. If you want to experience minimalist footgear you should really try Xero Shoes.

    Martijn, Netherlands (Posted on 02/11/2012)

  18. Incredible Review by Alex


    I've had my Connects for about 2 months now and I love them! I use them for walking & running. I'm a size 11 (UK) and the are a touch flappy when walking however they disappear when running and don't flap at all. The ground feel is superb. I'm going to order a pair of the Contacts next as I heard they are slightly more rigid which sound perfect to me so I'll post a review on them soon. Still going to give these five stars as I enjoy using them so much!

    My friend is a UK size 9 and doesnt have the flappy thing so if you're a larger size then it may be worth going for the Contacts.

    Still wearing my Connects and its end of October!

    Great product (Posted on 31/10/2012)

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