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Xero Shoes TerraFlex

Xero Shoes TerraFlex

Product Review (submitted on 29 July 2020):
I love these shoes - I had a pair of DayLite hikers and a pair of vivobarefoot for daily use so going into switching from my usual Inov8s to these for running wasn't much of a shock. Even so, initially had achy calves after longer runs, but having now done 200 miles they feel fine. Just take it easy at first!

They are super comfortable, you can feel the ground without it hurting and the soles are amazing, they've barely worn at all. My inov8s would be getting flat by now!

Two issues that I have: I'm not keen on the material for the uppers, it seems overly padded and bulky and takes forever to dry. I run in the peak district and its nigh on impossible to not get wet feet. I don't mind that - I just like them to be dry for my next run. These take days and as a result currently smell, so they are living in the garden!

My other complaint is that the uppers have started to come away from the soles on the inner foot area. I got the women's, but maybe my feet are too wide and overhanging and that's why it happened. I was disappointed when I saw, but a quick email to Xero and they sent me a discount code for the price of the shoe immediately! Incredible customer service. I used it to get the new Mesa trail. They just arrived and I am super impressed. The upper is made out of a much thinner material that looks like it won't retain water for days, and I'm hoping the wider fit will help!