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Xero Shoes Jessie

Xero Shoes Jessie

Product Review (submitted on 5 February 2020):
Having previously purchased the Amuri Venture and Genesis, both of which presented problems due to their lacing systems, resulting in a sandal that repeatedly flapped on my left foot only (the Vivobarefoot Eclipse and Luna Venado 2.0 also did the same), after stumbling upon the Jessie in early 2019, the simplicity of its design left me feeling sufficiently intrigued to part with my money.

Granted, while the Jessie is indeed marketed towards the fairer sex, despite being described as a unisex sandal, I'm simply concerned with how/whether a minimalist sandal will allow my feet to function as if they were bare (when conditions prevent me from doing so during summer months).

Upon purchasing a pair in black, quickly beginning to appreciate how introduction of a toe loop wasn't just an evolution for minimalist sandals, but also a game-changer, I purchased a the Jessie in coral too.

They truly are as minimalist as you're ever likely to see, yet the combination of a toe loop and ankle strap secure the 5.5mm outsole to the feet, affording the ability to move in a naturally and unhindered manner, thus, increasing confidence in the product, regardless of whether terrain is urban or slightly off-road.

Throughout the summer of 2019, I regularly wore my Jessies on forest walks/trails, revelling in the true ground feel and protection that they afforded my feet without any harm coming to them. Granted, they were filthy afterwards, but use of a scrubbing brush and rinse in warm, soapy water never failed to leave them looking as good as new.

Although they may have been confined to storage since November 2019, as another spring approaches, my feet are thoroughly looking forward to spending time in functional, yet incredibly aesthetically pleasing zero-drop minimalist sandals throughout 2020. Roll on BST!!