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Xero Shoes Toe Loops

Xero Shoes Toe Loops

Product Review (submitted on 24 October 2019):
These loops massively improve the DIY sandals. I had issues with the laces from the kit chafing my feet in the standard lacing style, so I replaced them with shoelaces from an old pair of running shoes, which immediately fixed the problem. However, the knot on the bottom of the shoe would wear out quickly, which meant I frequently had to undo all the lacing for the sandal, pull a bit more lace through the hole, and retie the knot. These loops are a lot more durable. They're even less noticeable under the toes than the standard knot.

I still use the standard lacing style but instead of having a knot under the shoe, i put the lace through the Amuri loop and tie it next to the main top of foot knot. Having two knots on top of the foot hasn't caused any problems and means it is easy to adjust the tension of the front of the shoe without undoing the rest of the lacing.

These loops don't seem to be as durable as the soles. After 300km of running, mostly on stony paths and gravel, the disks have worn very thin, while my 6mm soles look ok except for the tread wearing down under the ball of the foot. It might be worth ordering an extra set with your DIY kit.

Tip: the easiest way to get the Amuri toe loop through the sole is to put the lace through the loop, pass both ends of the lace through the hole (using the hairpin method) and then pull on the lace to get the toe loop through.