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Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Product Review (submitted on 20 May 2019):
I do a ~20km trail run once a week in my 4mm Xero DIYs and usually wear them for a hike of similar length at the weekend. I'm barefoot for six road runs a week and for general life in the city.

The soles are fantastic - just enough protection. After logging 500km of running and probably slightly more hiking my 4mm are wearing very thin under the ball of the foot, so I recently ordered some 6mm, which will hopefully offer more comfort when running long distances on gravel.

I would strongly advise replacing the laces that come with the kit with ordinary shoelaces from any supermarket or shoe store. They're softer (less chafing) and the aglets (plastic bits on the ends) will mean that lacing up your sandals is much easier than battling with a hairpin to get the Xero laces through the soles. If you need to relace your sandals while you're out, with the Xero laces you're out of luck unless you remembered to bring a hairpin and some pliers. With store-bought shoelaces you can change the lacing in a minute or two.

I assumed that the original laces would be more durable, but after a year of use my replacement laces are showing less wear around the heel holes than the originals were after two weeks of wear. The knot under the toe does need retying quite frequently, but using an Amuri toe post could remove this need.

If I could find an affordable supplier of 4mm and 6mm rubber I wouldn't buy these kits, but so far this is still the cheapest source of soling material I've found in the UK.