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Xero Shoes TerraFlex

Xero Shoes TerraFlex

Product Review (submitted on 21 April 2019):
Here's my story wearing the TerraFlex Trail Running and Hiking Shoe.

Since the fall of 2017 I have a sore right lower leg and foot, specifically the tibalis posterior and the so called "plantar fasciitis" hurts me. (Which are due to a short right leg and overexertion on a 70mi hiking trip - though a 82mi walk did not hurt it earlier).

I tried a lot to cure it - resting, night splint, SMR and stretching but none of these helped really, even my regular shoes and slippers started to hurt. I decided to

Probably I need to tend to a more lowcarb diet to get to the root cause.
But this month I decided to try to load it to see whether I can still run and later prepare for a marathon or an ironman which are my favorite sport.

I did one 2 hour hike and a 2 hour ride on my road bike in preparation for a hiking trail of 35mi with 9000ft elevation change over 12,5 hours.

On the morning I though about putting my "regular" drop running shoes but they often hurt on the outside of my sole, the lateral band. So I went for the Xero TerraFlex, the pair I had been using since July last year, on a daily basis, the only pair of shoes that I had not had any pain while wearing for casual wear (with negligible wear since last year).

Amazingly, I could do the whole distance without any irregular pain and over-injury. I tried to avoid shard rock to step on. The shoes were grippy and comfortable and even held in stick mud, too.

I cleaned them with plenty of water the next day and they were really soaking wet. I expected them to dry within 3+ days in the damp weather. Surprisingly they dried overnight!

Thank you Lena and Steven. I'm looking forward to buying another pair, soon.