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Xero Shoes Z-Trail

Xero Shoes Z-Trail

Product Review (submitted on 13 June 2018):
I found the process of finding the right size with given templates straightforward and easy. One of my feet is 0,5 cm longer than the other, so I have to choose bigger size usually, but it has not given me any issues. I'm not tripping over or anything. So even if it is a little bit longer, it's not a problem.

Ordering process was simple and quick. Just when I started to think when they would arrive, I got post notice.

The sandals are really comfortable and easy to adjust, the Z-strap specifically. It is little bit long for my foot as it is not too high, but the leftover strap is not bothering me so far.

I found the back strap to be very uncomfortable to use for getting the sandals on and off, but then found out (great customer service, btw) that I should actually use the Z-strap for that. Tried it out and it works great. Now I have to get the habit of using it.

Another thing I've noticed is that whenever I wear longer pants they tend to get stuck in the velcro of the back strap and it breaks the edge of the pants. Unfortunately with weather being like it is here in Estonia, I can't choose shorts every time I wear sandals.

All in all, great experience and I will definitely recommend these sandal to my fellow barefoot shoes enthusiasts as well.