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Xero Shoes Prio

Xero Shoes Prio

Product Review (submitted on 29 May 2018):
I have had these shoes for about 10 months now and finally at 850 miles they are dead.. Such a shame as the sole looks like it has hardly worn but the uppers have come away completely.

Don't take that as a negative as they outlasted many other shoes over all sorts of terrain (rocks, mud, roads etc) and have been my running buddy for some time and I am sad to see them go (fyi i will be ordering another pair and the more trial focussed ones as well)

The fit assuming you size up is roomy and comfy meaning you are blister free and no problems over long runs.
I run mine fairly loose so can slip on and off for runs making them a wear and forget shoe once you get the tension just so.
The sole is a great balance of flexible and sturdy - you still feel the rocks if you stand on one but they give decent protection for how light they feel.
More protection through brambles etc than the sandals (obviously) without feeling heavy
They dry out pretty quick after running through flooding etc

They wore out - hey 850 miles for a pair is great though
The uppers started fraying a bit at 650 miles BUT again most shoes i have owned are toast by this point
The sole can be a bit slippy on wet rock but once adjusted for is okay
Slick sloppy mud is a no go for these as not enough tread (hence why i will get the trail versions for horrible days)

A great shoe that maintains a lightweight minimal feel while still being a shoe, that works well for 90% of my running.
And the sole looks like it would reach 5,000 miles if the uppers hadn't died