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Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Product Review (submitted on 27 October 2013):
I chose the 4mm thickness as i walk totally barefoot during the summer months in varied terrain woods where I walk my dog for three hours a day and so was looking for something as authentic and close to nature as possible for those 'other' times.

As someone who simply loves to run with a smile on one's face and has always found it the most natural, fun and liberating thing in the world and for someone who has been a competitive runner in road races, I eventually suffered a 'banana-shaped' left foot through running in shoes over big miles. I have size 8 feet (ladies) that are very slender and could always feel them slopping around my shoes no matter how close i tied the laces and how many pairs of socks I had to wear - not good! So, I had nerve, ligament and muscle atrophy and it has been an emotional and physical frustrating journey up until the point that I decided to go barefoot - something I have always admired and believed in, but did not put into practice until I had to!

Through pure barefooting and XeroShoes I now have a very apparent arch in the making and the spring is returning once again and I can feel the refinement of movement in both feet and my toes are so much stronger and happy to be a part of the whole movement thing once again!

I had spent hundreds of pounds on minimalist footwear (not to mention physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment), but apart from the zero heel-toe elevation the tops of my feet still suffered and I still had the same problem of a shifting foot and my feet still couldn't express themselves fully.

XeroShoes are the closest barefoot experience that one can have. From personal experience, I rate them way above FiveFingers - I feel that brain-foot connection and expansion of my Awareness, hence Xero shoes are great for the sole as well as the soul :o).

They are the only 'shoes' that I don't want to rip of my feet in order to go purely barefoot!!