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Xero Shoes Z-Trail

Xero Shoes Z-Trail

Product Review (submitted on 16 August 2017):
I live in Germany and the sandals arrived a week after I've placed my order. I've been testing them since (a few weeks now) in my daily life, on a holiday, and I even ran in them (I'm right now in a transformation process of becoming a barefoot runner and I'm running for about 12 years now up to half marathon). I have to admit that people's faces are priceless, when they realise someone's running barefoot or in sandals.

The sandals feel great, the grip is very good, I just had to slip in, adjusted the very convenient straps and they were perfect. Although I'm a female, I've chose the male width due to the templates I've tested out before ordering. I think it was the right decision.

It feels so great, when your toes are free and that's what they are in these sandals. Also the barefoot feeling is even in these--incomparision to the other Xero Shoes--thicker soles very good.

Nevertheless, I have to admit, that I developed a mark (not a blister) underneath my foot soles at the exact same spot during a city trip. But my wife had the same problem with her non-barefoot sandals. I've no idea, what exactly the problem was, maybe the heat, maybe that endless walking, maybe the dirt that sneaked underneath my foot sole. But since then the mark is no longer a problem.

To put it in a nutshell, I highly recommend these sandals.