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Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Product Review (submitted on 31 October 2012):
I've had my Connects for about 2 months now and I love them! I use them for walking & running. I'm a size 11 (UK) and the are a touch flappy when walking however they disappear when running and don't flap at all. The ground feel is superb. I'm going to order a pair of the Contacts next as I heard they are slightly more rigid which sound perfect to me so I'll post a review on them soon. Still going to give these five stars as I enjoy using them so much!

My friend is a UK size 9 and doesnt have the flappy thing so if you're a larger size then it may be worth going for the Contacts.

Still wearing my Connects and its end of October!

Great product