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Xero Shoes Amuri Venture

Xero Shoes Amuri Venture

Product Review (submitted on 20 September 2016):
I decided to try the Ventures after having used the phenomenal Z-Trail sandals for the last couple of months for running (and everything else besides).

The plus points: To me the ultra simple form of the Venture looks better, they have reflective elements incorporated into the laces, and they are noticeably cooler still than the Z-Trail in hot weather.

Up until now I have run around 40km in them in addition to casual use. The 'ground feel' is excellent even on fairly rugged trails. The construction is every bit as excellent as I expected, these are stoutly built for the long haul.

I have had a couple of smaller problems with them: Although they are easy to adjust I found it difficult to find the sweet spot for running, they do not seem to lock onto the foot quite as well as the Z-Trail do and the flexible sole can 'flop' a little. Perhaps I overtightened them to compensate, but this has led to a bit of rubbing. The lower sole and more open construction can let more grit and dust to the feet, and this in conjunction with sweat did lead to some irritation at the toepost and on the sole at the front of the sandal.
In normal use the toepost is no problem although I am mostly aware of it. It's tough but soft synthetic rubber, it's not going to hurt you.

Putting those Z-Trails back on felt like donning boots though :)