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Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Product Review (submitted on 26 July 2016):
I am either barefoot or wear minimalist shoes all the time. I run fell races, ultras and do orienteering. I wanted something packable that would let the air at my feet and let my feet relax pre-race and recover post-race. I bought the 4mm DIY sandal kit. I love them. They do exactly what I want and let my feet spread out after a battering in races with rough terrain.

My intended use for them was to wear mainly on the walk to and from work the day after a tough race as my Inov8 Evo-Skins had worn through and I could not replace them as they were no longer made. Any aches from running over rocks used to be alleviated by this routine. The Xero sandals were much better being more secure around my foot, less sweaty and my feet felt more protected. This evolved into wearing them before and after a race to let my feet do what they wanted.

Now we have good weather I have been wearing them as my go to shoe. I find them brilliant for camping, light weight, packable, doesn't matter if they get wet and tough. I recently walked miles in them in North Wales on rough tracks and was perfectly happy. I even broke out into the odd uphill sprint and I was genuinely shocked about how good they felt. I didn't buy them to run in and I am not going to start running properly in them but if that is your desire then they seem up to the task - especially for the ardent barefoot runner.

The only draw backs I have found that it did take me a good 4 weeks of wearing them for 2-3 hours a week before they were comfortable but I haven't worn the likes of flip-flops for years so it was none too surprising. It took me a few attempts to get the tension right; I kept getting flapping or the thong between the toes was unbearable but I persevered and got it sorted after a few retying attempts. I like making things so watching the HowTo videos and reading the guides was half the fun to me but I could see that if someone just rushed into making them it would be very easy to make mistakes.

All in all a cracking piece of kit.