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Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Xero Shoes DIY Sandal Kit

Product Review (submitted on 9 June 2016):
I bought the 4mm for both of us (me and my 3 1/2 year old daughter), and it was the perfect choice.
She has flat feet like her dad and now is the time to make those little feet work well. After 2 weeks of wearing I can already see her arch forming. seriously... (!)
I myself have been wearing barefoot shoes almost for 10 years now. My first pair was puma h-street, got 3 pairs of them. I actually used them to run the pose tech method of running, this is the way i learnt barefoot behaviour of the body.
(I had back ache issues from ever since I was a child). I managed to run 5km and be painless!
Then I found the New Balance Minimus Trail, also 2 pairs, then the new New Balance Minimus (much thinner lighter version), also 2 pairs of VivoBarefoot, a winter shoe and a leather shoe for more formal occasions and work.

Now, the summer is here and I can't imagine how i had been living without Xero Shoes all the past summers!

In Greece you have definitely 2-3 months where you wear open sandals because of the heat, so.... I feel saved!
I wear them all day and am happy that I bought 2 pairs straight away (one brown and one black).

The sole is really very good I must say. Non slippery, the outside as well as the upper side. Very resistant. And, do the bead when tying the sandals! Much better than a knot!

Barefoot walking is the best feeling ever, you dont need to be an athlete to use them. And after 10 years in barefoot closed shoes, wearing barefoot sandals for the first time, is an absolute pleasure for the feet.
Have tied them in a way that they look like very chic sandals and I get super comments on that and on my daughters sandals. The greatest thing is I can drop her of at school and go straight to my walking treadmill desk, without changing shoes. Juuuuuust like that! SUPER Xero Shoes! Keep going!!!