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Xero Shoes Z-Trek

Xero Shoes Z-Trek

Product Review (submitted on 24 July 2015):
I must note, these sandals needed a few modifications to be a truly perfect fit.

First, I ordered a size 11, as my feet are pretty wide and long, so (thankfully) the sandals came a bit extra long, so it gave me plenty of area to trim them down to the right size. I own a pair of generic high street sandals that are the exact size of my foot, so this was a good template to trim the front with.

I needed to do this as I found that my foot was sliding up and down the sandal when I was walking, and threw my foot coordination off slightly, resulting in the front of the sandals occasionally scraping the pavement, which was annoying. Also, I felt like I was having to adjust the straps to compensate for this, which gave me an awkward and not so perfect fit. My front feet would feel tight and roll back into the heel cups. Cutting the fronts of the sandals a bit removed this problem completely. The sandal, long story short, fits better, and I would highly recommend doing this too if you have any of the problems I have.

Also, the straps are a bit too long on the top and back. The top one (as suggested in a video) is much better when you cut them down and melt the ends off (way cleaner looking). The back, also, has the Velcro stitched on in the wrong place, so when tightening the back (which is the most important area to tighten my sandals for comfort) only has a tiny area to attach to. Spending a few £ in a shoe shop to have the velcro moved improves this greatly also, providing a much snugger and cleaner fit.

I understand everyone's feet will be different, and I am sure most people wont be as picky as me. But with a few modifications (which are very easy when you know what to do!) this has become my favorite piece of footwear, ever! Wearing shoes now feels very odd!

The traction is amazing, the foot-bed has plenty of grip and is comfortable on the soles of my feet, and the thickness of the sole is perfect!

I intend on buying a few more pairs!