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I love them Review by Riaz
I've had problems with knee valgus, foot alignment and these are helping to correct the arches of my feet and where I apply pressure when I walk. Worth every penny! (Posted on 06/10/2020)
Blown away Review by Darren
I am simply at a loss for words - I bought these with some hesitation. I always walk barefoot, and wear sandals at other times. I run trails and find shoes don't give me the feedback I would like. These are beautiful, perfect and I am so please to have them. Straight after delivery I went for a run. Left foot, right foot. Trail, river crossing and road. I could not ask for a better connection to the ground. I could not ask for better freedom. I could not take the smile from my face. (Posted on 20/09/2020)
Incredible sandal Review by David
I've been running with these but mostly walking with them. And I've been walking a lot with them. Long and short walks all summer in almost all terrain and I must say they feel amazing. The sole is so thin but yet so durable, its kind of soft but at the same time very strong. And its very grippy. I feel really safe in them even if it's a sandal and you don't get the protection all around. And you can really feel everything with your feet. The lacing is perfect, barely feels on your feet and easy to adjust. Personal preference is I like them a little bit loose, so that you easily can shake off any gravel that comes in between.
And last but not least the price. I think it's really decent compared to many other barefoot shoe companies out there. Well to sum it up, the Xero Shoes Genesis is probably the best minimalist/barefoot shoe out there. Or at least the best barefoot sandal. It's like next to going complete barefoot in my opinion. To compare with Vivo Eclipse for example which gave me abrasions between my left foot toes and on the inner side of the right foot after only a couple of miles. No hate to Vivo though as I love them but they may want to work on their sandals or at least the Eclipse. Okay, that's all, I'm out...bye! (Posted on 15/08/2020)
Comparison to Vivo equivalent Review by Joshua
I've been wearing Vivobarefoot men's sandals for 3 years and whilst I love them I found the continued price hike was not paralleled by a hike in quality; they always broke at the 1 year mark...

So I thought £40 plus postage what's to lose (£90 for Vivo's). I've had them for about 4 days and can say that they are great, simple, good value and very minimalist. I would say I'm definitely less aware of them than I was the Vivo's.

I don't run in sandals so can't give a comparison there but I feel that this sandal does everything the Vivo does with greater minimalism and simplicity. That's what these type of sandals are supposed to be all about so whilst the leather version of the Vivo looks great this sandal beats it in every other department.

Congratulations on making a great product. (Posted on 27/07/2020)
Amazing sandal Review by Alan
This is an absolutely amazing sandal....I don't even know what to call this because it's so versatile!! I bought a pair because a pair of my Haivanaa flip flops had just fallen apart and I wanted something to wear around the house, beach or for gentle walks. I found these and the price seemed very reasonable. Since I put them on I've been blown away. They feel extremely well-made. Very robust. I've tested them out on walks so far and they have excellent grip on rock - they didn't budge at an angle even greater than 45 degrees. I am getting into running after a long period of limited fitness, and am slowly building up my endurance, am slightly overweight, and prefer running on grass or trails than roads. I am looking forward to building these into my runs on the beach or grass. Forget flip flops. Get these. (Posted on 13/06/2020)
Perfect for me Review by Slow running Dad
As far as I am concerned, the Genesis is the best of the running sandals models that Xero provides. If it's cold, you can easily put a pair on socks and run with them too. I am no marathon runner. In fact I am just a 10kgs overweight dad that struggles to fit regular exercise between work and family. But the genesis allows me to go running a couple of times a week with barefoot technique for around 9-10km for each run. I have found out this is my perfect distance and I get zero injury with it, and I have never felt again the years-long plantar fasciitis condition I used to have. I am slow but steady. My goal is to keep on running this kind of distance with this kind of sandal until I am 100 years old... (Posted on 27/01/2019)
Great Sandal! Review by Peter
The order process for the sandals in England was completely problem-free and within a week the sandals were delivered. The adjustment of the elastic cords to the foot is easy and you should heed the advice and wear the sandals loosely on the foot. Because of the thin sole it takes a few days of adjustment until you have internalized that you have something on your feet. After this time, the things are just comfortable and work great. I wear them as an everyday summer shoe and as a replacement for my Luna Mono, where there was always something to adjust and the Techstrap did not hold on the feet. Bear in mind, however, that rough terrain is not the preferred terrain for these sandals. Dirt roads, forest floor, etc. are no problem at all. A great sandal for a low price! (Posted on 18/07/2018)
The perfect starter Review by Ben
I bought these to replace the Amuri Ventures I bought 2500 miles ago (to be honest they have another 1000 miles in them but the sole had worn to 1mm in places so I was feeling every stone). I threw on my new pair of Genesis this morning, head out for a slow tester 5km run and ended up running a comfy 20km. They are a perfect replacement for the Ventures (in fact I prefer them as they don't have the occasionally irritating heel cup the Ventures had).
They are light, tough, cheap as chips, a great intro to "barefoot" running and should last for thousands of miles. My favourite thing about them though, compared to other minimalist shoes, is that your feet are open to the air and I genuinely feel barefoot. The only downside is that my feet have widened a size or two in the last few years running without shoes (and they were pretty simian to start with. Now I'm more hobbit-like).
NB- when I complained to xeroshoesuk that my Ventures were prematurely wearing thin after 1000 miles they (correctly) diagnosed a problem with my gait/form from a photo of the soles which was to blame (and then offered a free replacement even though it was my fault. At only £30 squids a pair I turned this down!). I subtly changed my form and they lasted another 1000 miles. Good product, decent company.
If you are contemplating minimalist/barefoot running these are the perfect start. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 29/04/2018)

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