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Ipari Prio - Lightning Blue
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Great but... Review by Andrew
I've purchased 2 pairs of Prios in the last year. Are they functional, comfortable and all-round great on your feet? Yes. Will they last more than a few hundred miles of wear? No. The uppers, unfortunately, begin to fray and disintegrate within a few months of what in my case has been moderate use ( 5 - 6 miles daily) - a huge shame. It hasn't stopped me buying another pair but come on Xero, give us uppers which will last even a decent portion of the 5000-mile sole guarantee. I've had identical issues with the Hana btw, another great shoe with average durability. There's so much to love about the brand but give us shoes to match the lifetime of the sandals. (Posted on 26/11/2018)
Superb product and service Review by AndyF
Super comfortable and wearable straight out of the box, so much so that I wear them for work now and not just for running. I love the 'barefoot' feel. These also make a great Tai Chi shoe.
Brilliant service and response also from Simon, many thanks. (Posted on 22/06/2018)
Long lasting and comfy Review by Andy
I have had these shoes for about 10 months now and finally at 850 miles they are dead.. Such a shame as the sole looks like it has hardly worn but the uppers have come away completely.

Don't take that as a negative as they outlasted many other shoes over all sorts of terrain (rocks, mud, roads etc) and have been my running buddy for some time and I am sad to see them go (fyi i will be ordering another pair and the more trial focussed ones as well)

The fit assuming you size up is roomy and comfy meaning you are blister free and no problems over long runs.
I run mine fairly loose so can slip on and off for runs making them a wear and forget shoe once you get the tension just so.
The sole is a great balance of flexible and sturdy - you still feel the rocks if you stand on one but they give decent protection for how light they feel.
More protection through brambles etc than the sandals (obviously) without feeling heavy
They dry out pretty quick after running through flooding etc

They wore out - hey 850 miles for a pair is great though
The uppers started fraying a bit at 650 miles BUT again most shoes i have owned are toast by this point
The sole can be a bit slippy on wet rock but once adjusted for is okay
Slick sloppy mud is a no go for these as not enough tread (hence why i will get the trail versions for horrible days)

A great shoe that maintains a lightweight minimal feel while still being a shoe, that works well for 90% of my running.
And the sole looks like it would reach 5,000 miles if the uppers hadn't died
(Posted on 29/05/2018)
Feet are still happy Review by Christian
I bought my first blue Prio shoes 8 months ago and wear them at least 4 times a week as my gym shoes (treadmills and weight training) also for my 5k runs along foot paths, I can't fault them at all and I'm amazed how hard wearing they are as the soles show hardly any wear. I was so pleased I purchased a pair of black Prio's recently for walking around in. I'm so pleased I found Xero Shoes UK. I highly recommend these products and this company :) (Posted on 21/05/2018)
For running and walking Review by Luc
I have been using xero shoes for years now, and these shoes meet my expectations. It is striking that the shoe without the optional insole still has an extra thin soft padding under the lining, this I would rather not, for this still serves the insole. Fortunately, this is the only point of criticism. The size I have chosen is one size bigger than my Coaltons and this fits perfectly. (Posted on 20/04/2018)
Well Done Xeroshoes! Review by William
I'm so pleased i bought these shoes - they run really nicely and enable a good barefoot running form. In the summer months, i run with the open-toed, laced Custom and that's fine. but in the UK during the winter months, the woods and field tracks become muddy and sludgy, so that an open sandal is a no-go. And this is where these shoes excel: I don't quite know how they've done it, but there seems to be very little slip on mud, despite the shallow grip on the sole. It really is unexpected! Perhaps it is down to the contact patch of the sole being maximised with a well structured edge? and also that if you run with a true barefoot form, you plant you foot vertically and so would not experience so much slip sideways or back and front. I also run with another barefoot shoe brand, which has more rounded edges to the sole, and that has less grip, so it must be the design. So come on Xero Shoes - let's have a Prio Trophy, with the thinnest 4mm sole from the Connect sandal! (Posted on 12/01/2018)
Game changers Review by Glenn
Having tried and failed many times over the past 7 years to change from heel striking to forefoot landing I bought these as a last hurrah, they do come up small and I had to send the first pair back so postage cost me almost £12 to get the right size which was a shame, the original size 9 shoes looked like 7.5 so if you are between sizes go for the larger option.

If you have tried to change your running style then these shoes may just do the trick, you simply cannot land on your heels as it hurts, you will get aches and pains so be patient, I found I had to alternate between these and Newton Gravity shoes in order to give my calves and tendons some respite, having now had these 5 weeks I can do an hour in Prios with no aches other than stiffness in my heels which is an old injury that seems to have come back but may well go over time.

I haven't tried running fast in these yet as I am waiting to try it ache free and that day should be soon.

If you want to finally give up heel striking then buy a pair of these, they will do the trick but it won't be overnight, Keith Bateman's Older Yet Faster book/videos put me onto these shoes and I'm pleased he did. (Posted on 26/12/2017)
Wow! Just Wow! Review by Pablo
One has been conditioning oneself to walk barefoot as much as possible, yet sometimes in certain environments it's not so comfortable or viable shall we say. Therefore, I purchased the Ipari Prio in yellow that were quickly delivered and well packaged. Also very attractive in my opinion, and my goodness! Hands down the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn with the thin sole in. When I realised the soles were in haha! I took them out and it is almost like being barefoot. So much room to move. The soles are great for those in the earlier stages of conditioning the feet back to natural. Basically, the Prio is as described, definitely recommend giving them a try. So much so, I have even requested to affiliate them. So so pleased. Thank you you amazing creators of Xeroshoes :D (Posted on 23/10/2017)
Happy feet Review by Christian
I have had my Prio's for 4 weeks and I'm very pleased with them. I did lots of research before purchasing them as I was getting a lot of knee pain when running in typical training shoes (I've only been running for a few months) and put it down to bad form and excessive heel strike. The Prio's took a bit of getting used to as I'd never worn barefoot style shoes before; but I find myself jogging along with good posture and a mid foot/fore foot strike which does not hurt my knee at all :) I'm really enjoying my morning runs and think my Prio's are superb. The shoes are well made and very comfortable they also look nice with jeans. I can't fault them! (Posted on 10/10/2017)
Outsanding Review by Matt
Had my blue Prio's for just 3 days and I'm seriously impressed so far.
I bought them to wear at work all day in my role as a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, and for Kettlebell training.
They are probably the most comfortable trainers I've ever had, and the heel lock system works very well indeed with no internal shifting.
Nice and flat, nice and wide, nice and comfy. Slightly more comfy then the Hana version, but only by a small margin.
My clients are also showing interest in them, either as gym-goers or as runners.
Well done.
I'll be back for more...... (Posted on 22/07/2017)

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