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Happy feet Review by Christian
I have had my Prio's for 4 weeks and I'm very pleased with them. I did lots of research before purchasing them as I was getting a lot of knee pain when running in typical training shoes (I've only been running for a few months) and put it down to bad form and excessive heel strike. The Prio's took a bit of getting used to as I'd never worn barefoot style shoes before; but I find myself jogging along with good posture and a mid foot/fore foot strike which does not hurt my knee at all :) I'm really enjoying my morning runs and think my Prio's are superb. The shoes are well made and very comfortable they also look nice with jeans. I can't fault them! (Posted on 10/10/2017)
Outsanding Review by Matt
Had my blue Prio's for just 3 days and I'm seriously impressed so far.
I bought them to wear at work all day in my role as a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, and for Kettlebell training.
They are probably the most comfortable trainers I've ever had, and the heel lock system works very well indeed with no internal shifting.
Nice and flat, nice and wide, nice and comfy. Slightly more comfy then the Hana version, but only by a small margin.
My clients are also showing interest in them, either as gym-goers or as runners.
Well done.
I'll be back for more...... (Posted on 22/07/2017)
Superb multi-use shoe with added Mel Gibson Review by Toby
I love this shoe!! I've worn them to work and run mountains in them. I've recently used them for some longer (20mile+) trail runs and they remained comfortable throughout. I also wore them to walk to the chip shop the other day and they worked fine for that too. I'm adding this just in case you thought I was all about that other aspirational stuff. Yes, they are also good for middle age men to purchase junk food in. A truly versatile product.

I like the removable insole, a great idea and welcome on those days when you just need a little extra comfort, like a tiny hug from a small furry rodent, but for your feet, obviously. However, unlike a ferret down the trouser leg the insoles can easily be removed when you don't want them, and that's a good thing.

They have loads of room in the toe box to let your feet spread naturally (I often have to size up because of my wide feet but not here). They feel really stable over rough ground as the sole conforms to the terrain so well and the lacing system keep your foot very secure. Ground feel is better than any other shoe of this style I have used and they really are crazy light too, you hardly know you have them on.

I've put in a fair few miles already and there are no visible signs of wear to the tread or uppers, which is reassuring as not so much stuff seems built to last these days. So far I can't fault them, super comfortable and well made minimal shoes that delivers on its promise.

Putting all the comfort, quality, performance and value aside for just one moment, I'm forgetting the best Xero feature of all, Steven Sashen - It's like 80's Mel Gibson fell through time to sell you barefoot shoes, and who doesn't want that, right?

Buy some!

(Posted on 30/05/2017)
Fantastic Review by Richard
These really are great if you want a simple and comfortable zero drop running shoe. I have short, wide and deep feet (size 6 UK) I bought the UK 7.5 size and they are perfect . Having had them a few weeks I have run about 40 miles on roads and trails and they are so light and comfortable I feel like I could run all day in them. They are a great all purpose and durable shoe so possibly not suitable for more specialist use and I do need to test them out on a longer route and in different conditions. However I am very pleased that I appear to have found my perfect running shoe at last. (Posted on 14/05/2017)
Amazing - honestly best shoes I've ever worn Review by Martyn
I have never written a review about anything before never mind a pair of shoes!
These shoes are such a good fit and soooo comfortable I had to write a review!
They make me move well and fit like a glove on my feet! Thank you xero shoes, please don't stop making them! (Posted on 12/04/2017)
Amazing - best shoes I've ever worn Review by Scottydog40
These shoes are amazing! Straight out of the box they are instantly comfortable. I've searched for, and tried on so many pairs of trainers but never have I had a pair like these. I'm so impressed with them, I've already recommended them to friends and this is the first time I have liked anything so much that I have felt the need to write a review. Thank you Xero shoes, please don't stop making them!
(Posted on 12/04/2017)
Run Small Review by Gonk
I must admit I'd been looking forward to Xero's running shoe for a long time.

First off do be aware that these run small, and I could have sized up one whole size no problem. I wear the Venture and Z-Trek in US size 9 and have often wished over the course of last year that I'd ordered a smaller size. This is not the case with the Prio. I'm a UK 8.5 in Clarks, Walsh, Inov-8. The Prio in US 9/UK 8.5 leaves me with well under 1 cm between toes and the end of the shoe. The forefoot area is only just wide enough for my foot. So just OK for casual use or the odd jog/fast run as long as thin socks (or no socks - the interior of the shoe is plenty soft enough for that) are worn. I didn't even try the supplied extra insole.

The uppers feel sturdy and soft, the styling is definitely a little quaint and there is quite a bit of padding around the ankle (I would have preferred far less). The huarache style straps, if I may permit myself this observation, are more part of the structure of the upper than true functioning huarache straps. Still, a nod to Xero's origins, a fun design element, and reflective (always a good thing in my opinion).

The soles are excellent, great grip and protection, I still think Xero has the best soles in the business. I cannot stress this enough

In sum: small sizing, warm upper, styling a matter of taste, first-rate soles. I feel this is more of a general fitness or parkour shoe than a 'proper' runner. For most running I reckon the sandals, especially the outstanding Z-Trails, are more suitable.

My plan was to use these where sandals are not always quite as acceptable (workplace etc.), and for this they will be fine. If you are planning long runs or walks in them though, do be generous with your size. (Posted on 14/03/2017)

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