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HFS - Glacier Blue
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Fantastic Review by Henry
I was amazed at how comfortable these were - perfect fit, no rubbing, barefoot feel and super lightweight. I have tried a few other barefoot style shoes from other brands but these were the top of the bunch in terms of fit and joy of wearing!

After just over 650km of running (mostly on roads) in them, sadly one area of the sole wore through. This may be linked to my running style, but I was slightly disappointed that they wore through like this at this stage (other pairs of trainers have seen me past 1000km before losing shape/wearing out).

That said, they were so good that I think I will buy the same again! I suspect I just got unlucky with the durability, they are otherwise a surprisingly sturdy shoe. (Posted on 02/10/2020)
Perfect barefoot running shoes Review by Steve
I have been a barefoot runner since 2012 and started with a different brand - over the years, the barefoot concept has become diluted with that particular brand and the soles have become padded and become more formed than functional. The last pair gave me blisters!

I found Xero Shoes and, after speaking with the Xero Shoes UK, bought the HFS. I am so glad I did. I have only had them for a week but have already run more in the last 7 days than I have in two months.

These are PROPER barefoot running shoes. They protect your feet but allow you to feel the road and the shoes allow your feet to do what they need to. Now I am running properly again, my back is sorting itself out, my calves have needed to get used to this style again and I look forward to every run.

I can't recommend them enough! (Posted on 17/07/2020)
Great customer service and all round brilliant shoe! Review by Alex
After a no quibble return of my Prio due to a fault, I decided to take a punt on the HFS - wow, what a difference!

Lighter and super stylish upper with slightly slimmed down toe box but actually a better fit for me while still having enough room in toe box for proper toe splay. This is further improved after removing the inner, which I tend to keep in when walking (added heel protection) and remove for a run. It’s the first Xero shoe my wife approves of in the style department.

I can’t comment on durability yet as only had a few runs, but they certainly perform better than the Prio as a road / light trail running shoe, but still maintain the wear all day appeal of the Prio. The huarache style straps allow for a custom fit and are better protected with a new overlay design that looks the business and the new sole design looks great but again, I can’t comment on durability yet.

So pleased with my HFS. If you're a fan of Xeros and running roads / light trails I can’t recommend them highly enough! (Posted on 27/06/2020)
Lovely shoes Review by Mia
These are the best Xero Shoes I have, being lightweight and breathable and a really good fit. These will be my go to running shoes especially for summer. (Posted on 14/05/2020)
A Brilliant Shoe! Review by Claire
Fabulous running shoes; super light, super comfortable, very responsive.

The huarache style laces adjust to give you a perfect arch fit whilst the toe box is wide enough to give your toes plenty of wiggle-room - no toe-pinching in these shoes. The tyre-track sole is really cool and feels great to run on. It has an excellent grip too so you feel completely safe.

I wear them with socks for going out for a run but they’re so comfy, I’ll happily wear them all day long without socks – the barefoot feel is spot on for me with the insole in but it’s removable if you want more of a ground feel.

I have the Prios too and in comparison the HSFs are quite a bit lighter, a lot sleeker and more stylish in design. All-in-all a brilliant shoe!
(Posted on 19/04/2020)
Best Shoe Yet!! Review by Devin
These are now my go-to running shoes.

The wide toe box and breathability provide great comfort during high activity, especially in heat and humidity. The outsole and insole provide an amazing natural transaction between my feet and the ground. I do not want a shoe that alters how my foot interacts with the ground and these do not, except for protection.

Initially, I was concerned about the durability or grip of the toe and heal portions that are different materials from the rest of the outsole. I have not had any durability or traction issues even running after or during rain. (Posted on 20/03/2020)

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