Relacing your Xero Shoes

Step 1 - Pull the Toe Post through the hole in the sole

Put a lace through the Toe Post and put the ends of the lace in a “Hi-Tech Lacing Tool” (such as the hair pin we include with our DIY Kits). The lace in the photo has been cut short so you can see the whole thing.

Push the hair pin through the toe hole you’ve made in your DIY kit’s FeelTrue sole.

Pull the lace through until the Toe Post is up against the sole.

In a smooth motion (don’t jerk), pull the lace until the toe hole stretches enough for the Toe Post to come through. Trust us - it works (this is how the Amuri sandals are made).

Some people ask if you can feel the Toe Post under the foot…

Well, the bottom of the Toe Post isn’t much bigger than the knot you make for your DIY kit. We haven’t had anyone yet say that it bothers them. If you do feel it, feel free to experiment with trimming or sanding it down just a bit at a time to get the feeling you want.

Step 2 - Lace up, Amuri style

Here’s the basic lacing pattern...

Thread the laces through the ankle holes, and then through the tensioners. Make sure the “teeth” of the tensioners are pointing “down” (so they grip the lace).

Thread the laces through the heel tube. You’ll probably be able to slide the first pair through, but you may need to push the 2nd pair through with a chopstick or small screwdriver. You can also use a hair pin to pull the 2nd lace through.

Thread the laces through the tensioners.

Step 3 - Attach the lace ends

Place the ends in the small section of the lace end.

Fold over the lace end.

Press the lace end sections together until they “click” and lock. You may want to use pliers/grips to help with this step.

Here’s a completed lace end.