Tracing Your Foot for Custom Xero Shoes

Thanks for ordering custom-made Xero Shoes huaraches running sandals!

In order for us to make your sandals, we need a tracing of your foot.

Watch the video below or read the instructions, and then scan/email, fax or post your tracing using the information in Step 8. If you have any questions or problems, just get in touch.

Step-by-step instructions for making your foot tracing

Step 1 - Trace the foot

Step on a piece of paper with either foot. Lean forward and put a bit of pressure on your foot so it flattens a tiny bit.

Then, using a marker held vertically, trace around your foot.

You don’t need to get every tiny nook and cranny, and you’re not trying to get an EXACT measurement of the sole of your foot… in fact, by holding the pen vertically, you’re making a trace that’s slightly bigger than your foot, and that’s exactly what you want.

Step 2 - Mark the toe hole

Put a dot between your 1st and 2nd toe, right where the webbing between your toes is, and slightly closer to the 2nd toe than right in the middle of the space between the toes.

The reason for this is, as you run, your foot will want to shift toward the inside. By putting the hole closer to the 2nd toe, your foot stays in place better.

NOTE: It’s sometimes easier to have someone else do this.

Step 3 - Add a scale indicator

If you fax or scan your tracing, it may get resized. For us to adjust for that, we need a scale indicator.

With a ruler, draw a straight line, about 5″ long (12-15 cm) in the middle of your tracing.

Make a mark at each inch mark, for at least 4 inches (or at each centimeter for at least 10 cm).

Step 4 - Who are you?

Write your name on the tracing so we know who you are!

A correct foot tracing should look like this picture.


– The toe hole

– The scale indicator

– The name

– The order number

Step 5 - Check your other foot

Take your tracing, flip it over, and step on it with your other foot.

If your other foot fits in the same space (doesn’t have to be exact, but close), then you’ll use just this one tracing. If your other foot is significantly different (especially if it’s bigger), repeat steps 1-4 with your other foot on another piece of paper.

Step 6 - Get your tracing(s) to us

To get us your foot (or feet) tracing, select one of the following methods:

– Scan and then email to

– Fax to +44 (0)1488 870 670

– Post to Xero Shoes UK, Combe Haven, The Firs, Inkpen, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 9PT, UK