People are always asking us about trimming their Xero Shoes outsoles (DIY Kit and Amuri Venture), usually because they have narrow feet and would like a reasonably close fit.

We tell people it isn't difficult, but they are often still a little nervous about cutting the sole. The main concern is that it will be untidy. Here are some simple instructions describing how to do it properly.

- Draw on the outsole with a ballpoint pen to mark a nice curve

- Use a pair of sharp, strong kitchen scissors or general scissors (such as Fiskars)

- Make short cuts (1cm at a time), using the inside end of the blades (near the handle, not the tip)

- Use a belt sander to smooth the finish (if you have one)

If careful, you can get a reasonable finish with scissors, but the sander is the bit that really makes the difference in achieving a perfect finish.

If you have a sander, make the initial cut about 1 or 2mm wider to allow for the sander to remove a little bit more rubber.