1. Laces available in 23 colours

    Extra Laces


    Get extra laces in a range of great colours for your Xero Shoes DIY sandals. Learn More
  2. Xero Rox Mat

    Xero Rox Mat


    Give your feet a workout or a self-massage on this durable plastic "rock bed." Learn More
  3. Lightweight, moisture wicking neck tube

    Xero Shoes UK Neck Tube


    Lightweight, moisture wicking and versatile neck tube. It can be worn as a neck tube, a bandana, a wristband or in a multitude of other ways. Learn More
  4. Xero Shoes UK snapband

    Xero Shoes UK Snap Band


    The Xero Shoes UK reflective snap band fits snugly around your wrist or arm to help make you visible at night. Learn More
  5. Xero Shoes UK Sweatband

    Xero Shoes UK Sweatband


    The Xero Shoes UK sweatband with Xero Shoes embroidered logo Learn More
  6. Our 4mm hollow punch, included FREE with Xero Shoes.

    Lace Hole Punch


    The hole punch comes FREE with the purchase of any Xero Shoes kit or custom-made sandals. But if you need another... Learn More