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Xero Shoes Ipari Prio

Xero Shoes Ipari Prio

Product Review (submitted on 30 May 2017):
I love this shoe!! I've worn them to work and run mountains in them. I've recently used them for some longer (20mile+) trail runs and they remained comfortable throughout. I also wore them to walk to the chip shop the other day and they worked fine for that too. I'm adding this just in case you thought I was all about that other aspirational stuff. Yes, they are also good for middle age men to purchase junk food in. A truly versatile product.

I like the removable insole, a great idea and welcome on those days when you just need a little extra comfort, like a tiny hug from a small furry rodent, but for your feet, obviously. However, unlike a ferret down the trouser leg the insoles can easily be removed when you don't want them, and that's a good thing.

They have loads of room in the toe box to let your feet spread naturally (I often have to size up because of my wide feet but not here). They feel really stable over rough ground as the sole conforms to the terrain so well and the lacing system keep your foot very secure. Ground feel is better than any other shoe of this style I have used and they really are crazy light too, you hardly know you have them on.

I've put in a fair few miles already and there are no visible signs of wear to the tread or uppers, which is reassuring as not so much stuff seems built to last these days. So far I can't fault them, super comfortable and well made minimal shoes that delivers on its promise.

Putting all the comfort, quality, performance and value aside for just one moment, I'm forgetting the best Xero feature of all, Steven Sashen - It's like 80's Mel Gibson fell through time to sell you barefoot shoes, and who doesn't want that, right?

Buy some!