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Xero Shoes Ipari Prio

Xero Shoes Ipari Prio

Product Review (submitted on 14 March 2017):
I must admit I'd been looking forward to Xero's running shoe for a long time.

First off do be aware that these run small, and I could have sized up one whole size no problem. I wear the Venture and Z-Trek in US size 9 and have often wished over the course of last year that I'd ordered a smaller size. This is not the case with the Prio. I'm a UK 8.5 in Clarks, Walsh, Inov-8. The Prio in US 9/UK 8.5 leaves me with well under 1 cm between toes and the end of the shoe. The forefoot area is only just wide enough for my foot. So just OK for casual use or the odd jog/fast run as long as thin socks (or no socks - the interior of the shoe is plenty soft enough for that) are worn. I didn't even try the supplied extra insole.

The uppers feel sturdy and soft, the styling is definitely a little quaint and there is quite a bit of padding around the ankle (I would have preferred far less). The huarache style straps, if I may permit myself this observation, are more part of the structure of the upper than true functioning huarache straps. Still, a nod to Xero's origins, a fun design element, and reflective (always a good thing in my opinion).

The soles are excellent, great grip and protection, I still think Xero has the best soles in the business. I cannot stress this enough

In sum: small sizing, warm upper, styling a matter of taste, first-rate soles. I feel this is more of a general fitness or parkour shoe than a 'proper' runner. For most running I reckon the sandals, especially the outstanding Z-Trails, are more suitable.

My plan was to use these where sandals are not always quite as acceptable (workplace etc.), and for this they will be fine. If you are planning long runs or walks in them though, do be generous with your size.