Xero Shoes Amuri Toe Loops

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Want to replace your DIY “knot” with the Amuri Toe Loops? Grab a pair here!

NOTE: Sold in pairs (1 item is 2 toe loops) and only available in Black.
Xero Shoes Amuri Toe Loops
Want something stronger than the “Toe Knot” in your Xero Shoes Do-It-Yourself kit?
Or, do you want to make it easier to swap out your laces with different colors?
Then use a pair of the Amuri Toe Loops from our Cloud and Venture sandals.

They're made of comfortable, flexible, super-strong polyester lace injection molded onto a nylon disc (with our logo on the bottom), and have been tested to withstand over 50kg of force, so they’re secure.

Some people ask if you can feel the Toe Loop’s disc under your foot… Well, the bottom of the Toe Loop isn’t much bigger than the knot you make for your DIY kit, so you shouldn’t notice it. If you do feel the disc, feel free to experiment with trimming or sanding it down just a bit at a time to get the feeling you want.

Fitting Amuri Toe Loops

Here’s how to fit the Toe Loops...

(BTW, you may have to push harder than "gently" )

Once you’ve added the Toe Loop, lace up your sandals however you like. Our favourite is a "traditional" huarache-style sandal pattern, like this variation of the "Ultra-minimalist Hitch" done with both strands of the lace instead of only one…

… or experiment with other tying styles, or have fun and make up your own!

Also, you can add backstraps and lace ends to make a DIY version of our Cloud or Venture sandals.

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